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  • faithmaps@yahoogroups.com
    Sep 1 12:40 PM
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      Hi All:

      Because of the sometimes high volume of this list, once a month I send out a note reminding everyone of their email delivery options in case the "individual email option" is proving to be overwhelming! I'll also say a word about email and the balanced life!


      If you point your browser to


      You then are given one of three options in the upper right-hand corner of your screen:

      You will see either

      "Register" and "Sign In"


      "Edit My Membership"

      1 - It is possible to be a member of the faithmaps yahoogroup and not be registered with yahoogroups. If you have never registered with yahoogroups you need to click on "Register" and follow the instructions. You will select a userid and a password. Once you have completed the registration process, you can sign in and proceed as below.

      2 - Or, perhaps you have registered with yahoogroups, but you haven't yet signed in. (On most PCs - unless you have cookies turned off - after you sign in once, you'll never have to sign in again.) The page will "recognize" you after you surf to it. Sign in with your userid and password and then you can proceed as below.

      3 - Or, if you've registered and have signed in you will see

      "Edit my membership"

      By selecting this, you will find that you have three options for receiving emails:

      1 - Individual emails - when they are sent you get them, one by one. The
      advantage, of course, is that you can easily respond to each one
      individually and easily cut and paste what you wish in the original.

      2 - digest - If you select this option, you get 24 hours of emails in one
      long email once daily. One advantage of this delivery method is that you needn't read every email, but can scan topics or posters for only those items that interest you.

      3 - web only - If you select this option, you never get emails but if you
      are a subscriber you can read emails, respond to emails, review archived emails, and post new emails



      If you have any trouble changing your email deliver options, don't hesitate to contact me.


      Now this next sentence may free some of you up:

      You don't have to read every email!!!!

      When I told a friend of mine recently about the number of email lists that I
      subscribe to, she became very concerned that I lived a freakishly imbalanced
      life. But the truth is that I do not give every list the same level of
      attention. For some lists, I've used the digest method and I only read
      emails on subjects in which I'm interested, discussion threads I'm
      following, or from individuals whose posts I find particularly helpful. For
      a very few lists I read every single email (and yes one of those would be
      fm!) For many other lists, I have web only subscriptions and I only go out
      to look at them from time to time to see if anything interesting is being
      discussed. I might even just use the search function on those email list
      websites to find posts on particular topics.

      Some struggle with spending too much time reading email. It can be
      addictive, particularly when combined with some minor guilt that makes you
      feel that if you subscribe, you have to give *every* email from *everyone*
      the same amount of attention. You don't.

      And some love email too much! I personally have to watch out for that. So,
      for example, if I'm at work I'll even put a timer on during my breaks or
      lunch so that I don't spend too much time reading and posting. I'm the
      biggest enthusiast for the value of this forum and others, but when it keeps
      us away from our realtime/facetime responsibilities or even God-given
      opportunities, that's not good. As in many things, there is a balance to be
      struck. You have to craft your own balance according to your joys and

      On listservs and mailing lists, there is sometimes a perennial complaining
      about "too many emails!" or "hey why isn't anyone posting" and it sometimes
      is cyclical. And we are starting to get so busy (and I'm thrilled about it)
      on faithmaps, that some of us (including me!) need to make sure that it
      doesn't suck the life out of the rest of our lives. Does that make sense?
      For every one of you, my genuine hope is that fm is something that breathes
      life not something that sucks it away. The saddest thing in the world is
      when discussion about the One whose greatest commandments are to love Him
      with all within and others as ourselves itself distracts us from those twin
      paths to our fullest earthly joy!

      So - in that sense - enjoy this list!


      Stephen Shields
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