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45388Re: [faithmaps] Final health stuff

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  • Stephen Shields
    Aug 29, 2006

      Waiting must suck. Please keep me in the loop and I'm praying.

      On 8/28/06, Rebecca <rebecca55@...> wrote:
      > The med that's needed to do my first year follow up whole body scan, to
      > see if the cancer has spread, is in. Most likely my scan will be toward the
      > end of next week, or the weekend. For those of you who have been following
      > my odyssey here. Thought I'd let you know before fm shuts down. If you
      > want to know results, let me know, I'll put you on the list. Or if we're on
      > common e-groups now, I'll post to it. We have to wait 6 months to a year
      > from treatment date, before knowing if the cancer has spread or not. So,
      > that's been part of what this last year has been - waiting for when this
      > scan could be done. Yeh, adrenaline level has increased since hearing the
      > scan med is in, and we'll be doing the scan. The med is $1000.oo per shot
      > and we get one shot each over 2 days. My copay will be $300.00. The
      > manufacturer has people whose job is to work with us to make it
      > affordable. It's made from, get this : Chinese Hamster ovarian cell
      > lining. Pretty weird. Who thought to look there? - oh yeh, I bet Chinese
      > Hamster ovary cell lining will create what we need.
      > Rebecca/Beck

      Stephen Shields

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