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45381Re: [faithmaps] Re: "Open theism"

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  • Rebecca
    Aug 27, 2006
      Ok Matt, I'm going to get picky. Cuz the Romans verse "if God is for us,
      who can be against us," doesn't rest of what we do with God, but what God
      has for us. Ok, pickiness over. Ya know I love ya bro.


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      > Hi there, Caroline.
      > I believe that I am in agreement with you. It is good to search for
      > the things that God wants to reveal to us, perhaps 'concealing'
      > those things in a manner that draws us to seek. If we keep the
      > Scripture front and center, the heart humble and not proud, the
      > spirit open and charitable, and cups filled with His grace, how can
      > we go wrong. "Who will be against us...?"
      > Peace,
      > Matt
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