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  • mattosk1
    Aug 27, 2006
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      I like what you are saying, Peter. I keep coming back to the
      (paraphrasing) passage in Deuteronomy about how the things hidden
      belong to God, while the things revealed belong to us and our
      children forever. And in Romans Paul speaks about how the ways and
      judgments of God are past finding out.

      As Christians writers have pointed out, we must continue to satisfy
      our hearts and minds with what God has revealed rather than what our
      curiosity wants to have. While curiosity in the right measure and
      place can be a good thing, placing our curiosity above what God says
      and reveals is like a child who would rather eat candy and cake
      rather than the meat and vegetables that the parent puts in front of
      him on the dinner table. Candy and cake filling the hunger instead of
      meat and green beans is not a healthy practice.


      --- In faithmaps@yahoogroups.com, Peter Attwood <attwoods@...> wrote:
      > We have many centuries of disputing this matter, and I think we
      should lay to heart that no side in the controversy sounds much like
      the Bible, and that suggests that we share a fundamental
      misunderstanding all around.
      > The whole Bible affirms that God is in charge of everything,
      prophesying events in detail that come to pass long after and asking
      in the Proverbs, "Is there evil in a city and the Lord has not done
      > The same Bible testifies of God's disappointment at having made man
      in the days before the flood, and his astonishment that there is no
      justice. The Bible writeres heartily affirm both these truths and
      are not disturbed in the least by what modern minds consider a
      contradiction. I'm still working on it, but I know we'll have it
      right when we would write it up just as they did, not just when we
      can find a way to make it fit somehow.
      > One very practical outcome for our own lives is that God has
      clearly made a world in which he does not get his own way and is
      indeed quite helpless, being unafraid to do so because he knows that
      he is in fact sovereign and therefore need not exercise control. We
      do see in daily life that the people who have to control everything
      are the same people who indeed are unable to really govern themselves
      and reign in life, while self-control goes with being able to let
      others be free.
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      > >From: Rick Presley <richard.presley@...>
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      > >Caroline,
      > >
      > >Good thing I wasn't there. I grew up living across the Detroit
      River from
      > >Windsor, listening to godless rock & roll on CKLW and vactioning
      > >occassionally up north of the Soo. (Sault Ste. Marie, for you
      > >non-Northerners). I musta had my share of the fresh water because
      I'd a
      > >lowered the boom on him.
      > >
      > >I would say that no only can God fortell any event, but that he is
      > >omniscient enough to fortell EVERY event so that no matter what
      course of
      > >action we choose, ultimately his plan will work out. God can
      afford to be
      > >"open" because no matter what we do things are going to be
      > >according to his good pleasure. And then I woudl refer him to
      Esther 4 where
      > >the queen clearly has a choice that has a direct impact on her and
      > >family but not on God's ultiamte plan for Israel.
      > >
      > >Poor Kenny.
      > >
      > >rick
      > >
      > >www.ill-legalism.com
      > >
      > >
      > >On 8/25/06, Caroline Wong <caroline1008@...> wrote:
      > >>
      > >> Hi Rick;
      > >>
      > >> I belong to a very Conservative church and last Sunday a guest
      > >> spoke on the sovereignty of God and basically said Open
      > >> Theism is heresy because if God can not foretell any event, no
      > >> how minor, then He is not sovereign. Of course, that begs the
      > >> questions. He also blamed us Canadians for the open theism
      > >> Must be the fresh water that makes us so radical. Perhaps the
      > >> Park people can add another verse to their Blame Canada song.
      > >>
      > >> Love,
      > >>
      > >> Caroline
      > >>
      > >> On 8/25/06, Rick Presley <richard.presley@...> wrote:
      > >> > Caroline,
      > >> >
      > >> > I hear you loud & clear on this. I'm attending a 5-point GARBC
      > >> and
      > >> > agree with Calvinism as far as it goes. Once out of the TULIP
      > >> though,
      > >> > I defy characterization. I've been on Pomoxian, Emergent
      Theology (was
      > >> > Postmodern Theology), Postmodern Christianity, Christian
      Postmoderns and
      > >> > some other more "out there" groups that have really opened my
      eyes to
      > >> some
      > >> > authors and ways of thinking that I highly value. While I am
      comfy in my
      > >> > conserviative church, it is really interesting that under their
      > >> conservative
      > >> > veneer many of them entertain some pretty radical ideas. I
      think groups
      > >> like
      > >> > this have fostered the rise of quiet radicals.
      > >> >
      > >> >
      > >> > rick
      > >> >
      > >>
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