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1Solicitation of Introduction

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  • stephen@shieldsplace.org
    May 16, 2001
      Hi everyone!

      Thanks for your interest in faithmaps. I created this site and this
      discussion group as a resource for pastors and Christian leaders to
      discuss theology, leadership, discipleship and church life in what's
      being called postmodernity.

      Couple of things to note. If you go to


      and click on "delivery options" you can receive emails one-by-one,
      receive one email a day (when there's activity) as a digest that
      contains links to every individual email sent, or receive no emails
      at all and read discuss when you wish by visiting


      It's customary in mailing lists for all new participants to send out
      a couple of words of introduction and their interest in the
      discussion purpose of the list.

      Many of you know me, but I haven't met all of you. Until very
      recently I was a bi-vocational pastor serving Cedar Ridge Community
      Church in Spencerville, MD and working with Brian McLaren. I
      currently work for USA TODAY as a Technical Manager. I've been with
      USA TODAY since 1988.

      I have special interests in Christian leadership, discipleship,
      spiritual friendship, and the way postmodern insights can correct a
      modernized evangelicalism. At the same time I'm very concerned many
      are too enamoured of the postmodern turn and are wedding Christian
      thought and praxis to the lastest philosophical fashion. I've given
      a more fuller expression to this in my Delights and Dangers articles
      on the faithmaps site (linked to the Next Wave zine) and I've been
      adding articles on postmodernity to faithmaps that represent
      different perspectives.

      I've been following Christ for 22 years, hold an M. Div from Grace
      Theological Seminary, have been married to Bethany Jones Shields for
      almost 10 years and have three girls: Michaela (5), Skye (3), and
      Alia (1). My undergraduate degree is in Classical and Koine Greek
      and Bible.

      At some point, I would be very interested in exploring with you the
      idea of an "irreducable complexity" or - to use Pauline language -
      the "good deposit" which is "the pattern of sound teaching" (2 Tim.
      1:13,14). Some today are calling for evangelical boundaries; others
      are saying efforts spent toward considering such boundaries are
      energies mis-spent.

      I'm also interested in discussing how we pursue making disciples of
      Jesus Christ and nurturing spiritual friendships.

      So please take a moment to introduce yourself and let us know what
      you'd like to talk about!

      Stephen Shields
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