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FairVote AZ encourages you to watch 'Right to Vote' event tomorrow - or previous archived forum - Beyond Gerrymandering & Polarization

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  • Barbara Klein
    [FairVote Logo]FairVote Event Tomorrow - 1:00 pm Click
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8 5:44 PM

      FairVote LogoFairVote Event Tomorrow – 1:00 pm

      Click here to watch live at 1:00 pm Arizona time – July 9, 2013
      (Achieved programs also available)

      AND if you missed the previous forum ‘Beyond Gerrymandering and Polarization’ – as they say, ‘you missed a lot.  It was terrific.  But you can still see it.  I suggest anyone interested in alternative voting systems and proportional representation watch this previous one as well.    Click here for Beyond Gerrymandering and polarization. Just hit ‘watch here’ button. 

      Is It Time For A Right to Vote in the Constitution?

      Democracy Next Logo

      July 9, 2013  Program begins at 4pm  

      NYU Washington, DC
      Abramson Family Auditorium
      1307 L Street, NW
      Washington, DC 20005

      The right to vote is the foundation of any democracy, yet the Supreme Court has just struck down a central provision of the Voting Rights Act. Unlike the citizens of all but 11 nations, Americans do not have an explicit right to vote in their constitution. Congressman Mark Pocan is a lead sponsor of HJ Res. 44 in the U.S. House of Representatives to strengthen the claims of all citizens to exercise their suffrage rights. American cities have also begun to consider resolutions to support a constitutional right to vote and changes designed to promote, protect and expand voting.

      What would a right to vote in the Constitution mean for particular voting rights struggles? How would it affect the future of the Voting Rights Act and voting rights for the people of Washington, D.C.? Congressman Pocan will make the case for an explicit right to vote in the Constitution. Discussing what the amendment may mean for enhancing a voting rights movement will be Washington Correspondent for The Nation John Nichols, Advancement Project co-director Judith Browne Dianis and Color of Change executive director Rashad Robinson. Takoma Park city councilor Tim Male and FairVote's PromoteOurVote.com director Patricia Hart will outline one strategy launched at a local level that holds promise for a realistic roadmap for reform. Mark Schmitt, Senior Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute will moderate the discussion.



      Barbara Klein,

      FairVote AZ, chair


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