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FairVote AZ - time for Oscars and AZ info

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  • Barbara Klein
    [FairVote AZ - the Way Democracy Will Be advocating for Ranked Choice Voting Bits & Pieces][cid:image010.png@01CE0E2E.FB80F4A0] David Gergen, National
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2013

      FairVote AZ – the Way Democracy Will Be
advocating for Ranked Choice Voting
Bits & Pieces


      David Gergen, National commentator
      “[Ranked Choice Voting] “one of the most interesting pioneering
      efforts in the country to change the political culture”

      February 18, 2013

      Oscars – best picture via Ranked Choice Voting

      Nationally known commentator, David Gergen speaks on RCV

      Arizona – a different landscape with a model for fairer elections

      Arizona RCV bill introduced but not moving?

      University should join others that say RCV is BETTER and FASTER


      Oscars are here again – and Hollywood is using RCV

      Many of you remember that WHO gets an Oscar or what picture is named the year’s best is decided by an RCV method.  For those who love Hollywood, well, then we can say they are ahead of the times.  For those who dislike Hollywood one would have to ask ‘are they smarter than their detractors because they can count?’   If you can pick your favorite pizza topping and your favorite movie, then you can rank a ballot.  And we can certainly use RCV for more important matters.

      BUT for some fun, follow this link to go to a FaceBook poll where you can vote for YOUR favorite movies for this Oscar year. See how you did when the Oscars come out. 


      Bi-partisan Presidential Adviser advises to use RCV

      David Gergen, political commentator, author and adviser to four U.S. presidents – spoke at Frederikson & Byron, P.A., last Thursday in Minneapolis about RCV’s promise as a path to a smarter, more civilized and more constructive politics.  Gergen was quoted as saying RCV is “one of the most interesting pioneering efforts in the country to change the political culture.”   He described FairVote Minnesota supporters as being on the front lines of meaningful democracy reform. 

      It’s change that’s achievable, Gergen emphasized. “There is a future out there, if we change the way we conduct our politics that could be very bright for our kids.”   We share his opinion, FairVote Minnesota’s optimism – and his conviction that the status quo just isn’t acceptable.


      Arizona – a different looking Landscape?

      FairVote asks ‘How do we fix our extremely partisan landscape?”  We often hear that question.  And we often hear many solutions – encourage more civic engagement, inspire more compromise, teach civil discourse, use Independent Redistricting Commissions, insist that congress members stay in DC longer to get to know each other, reform the filibuster, get money out of elections – just to name a few.  What you DO NOT often hear is ‘get away from winner-take-all elections’ (that use single winner districts) and draw a FAIR map.   While you don’t hear about that solution, it is one of the most clear cut and systemic solutions that is a reasonable alternative to the dream of everyone  -  ‘fix the world.’   

      View the details and solutions for Arizona at Fair-Voting 2012 – offering illustrated and analyzed details for each state to provide a fair voting plan using Proportional Representation.  [Click on AZ or any state of interest.]

      Fair Voting Solutions for U.S. House of Representatives Elections.



      No public hearing for Arizona RCV

      Arizona House bill (HB2367) was introduced by Juan Mendez and Lela Alston (both Democrats).  You can follow the bill here…..but it appears to be stalled without even a scheduled hearing.  Our members may wish to write the representatives and thank them for sponsoring the bill.  AND keep our eyes open for legislators from both parties and candidates from ALL parties who may support RCV in the future.   The bill was assigned to 3 House committees: Judiciary (Eddie Farnsworth chair),  Government (Michelle Ugenti chair), and Rules (Bob Robson chair)

      You can keep up to date on general RCV issues by following FairVote on Twitter. Good info!
#FairVote at
UNC - RCV Better and Faster

      The Daily Tar Heel reports the University of North Carolina needs to adopt a RCV system, as so many other universities have done across the nation and in NC.  The claim is that a RCV system would get better and even faster results (than having a normal /delayed runoff).  Strangely enough, they explained that UNC passed such a measure in 2010 but that the woman who came in second and then won the presidency in the runoff vetoed the bill.  She may have won the same election without the money or stress of the 2nd election.   Go figure.

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      FairVote AZ – the Way Democracy will Be

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