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CD 3 Forum and Ranked Choice Voting

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  • drBarbaraKlein
    FairVote AZ - the Way Democracy Will Be advocating for Ranked Choice Voting 2-minute Note CD 3 Forum on Environment includes Ranked Choice Straw Poll On July
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2010
    We have good news and bad news

    FairVote AZ – the Way Democracy Will Be
    advocating for Ranked Choice Voting

    2-minute Note




    CD 3 Forum on Environment includes Ranked Choice Straw Poll


    On July 8, FairVote AZ members attended a CD 3 forum sponsored by the League of Conservation Voters in conjunction with the Capitol Times, Valley Forward and co-sponsored by several groups including the League of Women Voters.  Held early in the morning, the forum focused on Environmental issues.  While promoted basically as a Republican primary event, only three (3) of the Republican Candidates attended (with the other 7 Republican candidates for the seat either unable to attend, sending regrets or not showing up).  Also in attendance was Michael Shoen, the Libertarian.


    The 3 Republicans in the primary who participated in the forum were LeAnn Hull,

    Dr. Bob Branch and Paulina Morris.  While the Sheraton, Phoenix audience was attentive and full (about 100 folks even at that early morning hour), the disappointing number of Republican candidates in attendance was continually noted. 


    A Ranked Choice ballot was distributed to all the audience and about half of those took part.  As it turned out no absent Republican received a vote.  There were a couple write-in votes for the presumed Democratic challenger in the race who was also absent, and for the Libertarian candidate who received a handful of votes.  There were no votes for the official write-in candidate of the Green Party who was invited but was unable to attend.


    FairVote AZ distributed a sample Ranked Choice Voting ballot for this congressional district to all the audience.  The ballot was used to demonstrate the simplicity of a ranked ballot system, not to suggest the CD 3 outcome.  There was a small sample size (less than 50) as not everyone in the audience cast a ballot.  The fact that only three Republican candidates were there in-person gave them a decided edge over other primary Republican candidates (as mentioned above, no other Republican candidate garnered a vote).  Until a larger sample is taken, the meaning of the straw poll vote is not clear.


    FairVote AZ conducted the mock election and the League of Women Voters oversaw the counting.  Paulina Morris was the clear winner of the day with a strong showing whether counted with a ranked choice ballot or a simple plurality vote (as she won in the first round of counting).  The ranking of the candidates would have only been considered if a majority winner was not decided by the voters in the first round of counting.



    FairVote AZ – the Way Democracy will Be


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