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REMINDER Meeting and info

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  • Dr Barbara Klein
    REMINDER MEETING NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT - October 9th Other ideas aside from those below will be taken. If you come with your own priorities in mind we will make
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2009




    Other ideas aside from those below will be taken. 
    If you come with your own priorities in mind we will make quicker decisions
    and go on to some hands-on work



    Consensus of Priorities – October 9, 2009

    FairVote AZ


    What will our priorities be for 2009-2010?

    What should be on our To-Do Planning chart?

    What Activities are YOU interested in, despite what others want?


    Short meeting agenda should be attached.  But at this planning meeting, October 9, 2009, we will discuss our Brainstorming list - what we should undertake and what our priorities are for the upcoming year.  While other ideas can be considered the following suggestions were discussed during brainstorming at annual meeting.  While all of these ideas would be great to pursue, we want to know what YOU are interested in tackling – either on your own or with others  -  virtually, at meetings or in a group? Even if not the top priorities, it is better that some things are done than none. These suggestions are in no real order.



    1.                Better Web presence – Probably a must.


    2.                Visiting Legislators in person (delivering literature and ‘elevator speech’ )


    3.                Redistricting and Gerrymandering.  RCV and “Full Representation” (Proportional Representation)
    Education through Redistricting issue 3 step program:
          1) Constitutional amendment   2) Multi-member districts   3) RCV


    4.                Preparing improved & correct Framing for RCV AND negative framing for plurality


    5.                Surprise or other city area efforts (via Councils).  Some efforts already underway


    6.                Vendor options and opportunities.   Outside sources or speaker?


    7.                Addressing County Elections Dept (vendors, counting options). 


    8.                Explore City wide control of city elections?  Reference to above.  Other opportunities for cities working with county or those not, etc.


    9.                Developing an Advisory Board – more recognition, more credibility


    10.           On-line videos for promotion.  Ex. Burgundy Report.  Recommended that another RCV advocate has workshop for video production


    11.           Develop a ‘canned presentation’ (for laptops, PowerPoint, other ideas)


    12.           Community Radio – scheduling regular ‘appearances’ to speak on RCV OR to speak about problems with plurality


    13.           Appt. with Tempe Officials & Hugh Hallman (now or later?)


    14.           Lobbying for more legislators??  30,000 legislators.org  (idea from Hal G oldfarb)


    15.           Promote successes in other areas of nation


    16.           Follow-up on state legislature surveys – at minimum, report to group



    By the way, with our Ranked Choice voting for a meeting date, only one 'voter' did not get a choice that was within their top ranked ones.  While not everyone responded, this is still good.   However, next date will be set at the meeting above.  We are still open to changes in locations - especially those free and without the obligation of buying a meal.





    Dr. Barbara Klein

    The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works....President Obama 




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