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FairVoteAZ minutes of Dec. 19, 2008 meeting

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  • linda macias
    The next meeting of FairVoteAZ will be January 16, 2009 at 6:30 at the A.I.P.E.R. building, 2510 S Rural RD, Tempe, 85282, between Broadway and Alameda. Here
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2009

      The next meeting of FairVoteAZ will be January 16, 2009 at 6:30 at the A.I.P.E.R. building, 2510 S Rural RD, Tempe, 85282, between Broadway and Alameda.

      Here is the minutes of the meeting held on Dec. 19, 2008.


      Meeting held, Friday, December 19, 2008, 7:00 PM

      at 2510 S Rural RD, Tempe , 85282




      Those present:  Joe Cobb,  Korky Day, Eric Ehst, Hal Goldfarb, Barbara Klein, Linda Macias, Tim Mavrides, Alice Stambaugh, Karl Stambaugh and Marge Thornton.


      I. Call to order:  Barbara Klein, chairperson, called the meeting to order at 7:07 PM.  The addition of introductions of attendees was added to the agenda.  Each person introduced themselves. 


      II. Approval of minutes:  The minutes of the May 30, 2008 meeting were accepted as presented.


      III. Schedule next meeting:  The next meeting will be Friday, January 16, 2009.  Start time 6:30


      IV. Treasurer/Budget Report, Membership:

      A.  Joe Cobb, treasurer, presented the treasury report.  He noted that the "bank charges" were for the use of paypal for donations transacted on line.  There was a discrepancy of $84.42 probably due to the ending balance from last year being copied down incorrectly.  Joe will check his records to find the error.


             B.  Barbara K. had a bill for $125.00 for the fee to file the LLC for the year 2009. 


             C.  It was asked about how much "in kind donation" was given to BetterBallotGlendale to              help run Proposition 404.  Joe reported that it was about $19,800.


      V. Other reports:  Comments were given by members who worked on the Glendale initiative.  Prop. 404 was on the September 2, 2008 ballot and lost by a 10% margin.


      VI. Planning Session:  This was a brainstorming session that included: city initiatives, state legislative effort, citizen assemblies, voter education, coalitions, communications/development, effort to get non-governmental organizations, corporations or universities to use RCV.  Everything was on the table. 

                  A.  An initiative was filed in the City of Phoenix to adopt the Schulze method of condorcet RCV.  While we support the efforts of the student working on this, the group decided not to endorse this initiative because it is one of the more complex methods of RCV.  It was also noted that the bylaws of FairVoteAZ would have to be changed to endorse this particular initiative.  


                  B.  Talking to our state legislators, perhaps in coalition with others, encouraging them to support any RCV bill that may get introduced.


                  C.  Getting RCV to be on the Arizona Town Hall agenda seemed to be the closest thing in our state to a citizen assembly studying the issue.  RCV being studied by the Goldwater Institute or the Morrison Institute (ASU)             were other suggestions.  There was total agreement that there was virtually no chance of the AZ legislature establishing funds (ANY funds) for a Citizens' assembly on RCV.


                  D.  Encouraging HOA's, high schools, colleges, political parties to use RCV for their internal voting.


                  E. Various projects for electoral reform which we ranked choice people might support:  Voting day holidays, constitutional conventions, unicameral legislatures (as in Nebraska), half of the members of each legislature chosen at random from the list of voters (federal and state), for the initiative process, lower the number of signatures required for those groups not paying circulators, voter tax rebate, mandatory candidate debates (broadcast), candidate promise registries, court jesters (national and state), ballot status for parties should be routine, not onerous, and national popular vote for president.


                  F.  Some of the municipalities that were suggested for possible future initiatives were, Tucson in Pima County, Flagstaff in Coconino County. 


      Barbara K. asked if there was a consensus that education seemed to be the direction that FairVoteAZ would be moving toward as a result of the discussion, and in recognition of the new AZ government.  Those in attendance agreed.


      VII. Old Business: FairVoteINC./FairVoteAZ franchise agreement.  Due to the hour, Barbara asked that this be discussed after the main meeting and by those who were on this committee. 


      VIII. New Business:  No new business


      IX. Announcements, Questions or comments from any participants:  Hal G. noted that he had looked into the signatures needed for and initiative to get on the ballot in Mesa .  That number is 7,000.


      X.  Adjourn:  9:10 PM


      Submitted by,

      Linda Macias, secretary, FairVoteAZ


      Addendum:   After the regular meeting there was a committee meeting to reach conclusion on the memorandum of understanding between FairVoteInc.and FairVoteAZ.  Three of the five members were present, Joe Cobb, Hal Goldfarb and Barbara Klein. Emily Goldberg, also a committee member had responded in writing with the changes and corrections to the M.O.U. as per the discussions by emails of the five committee members.  Joe C. moved to accept this memorandum of understanding and have the chairperson of FairVoteAZ sign it and send it to FairVoteInc. for their approval.  Hal G. seconded the motion.  Emily G. in her written notice approved of the M.O.U. and the three members present also voted to approve, sign and send the document.


      Linda Macias, secretary, FairVoteAZ



      The next meeting will be Friday, January 16, 2009 at 6:30 PM to be held in the A.I.P.E.R. building, 2510 S Rural RD, Tempe AZ 85282, between Broadway and Alameda.

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