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RE: [fairvote_az] Paid Petitioners?

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  • jim.iannuzo@lpmaricopa.org
    If someone from VBO can attend our Friday meeting that would be great. Jim ... From: fairvote_az@yahoogroups.com [mailto:fairvote_az@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf
    Message 1 of 18 , Jan 30, 2008
      If someone from VBO can attend our Friday meeting that would be great.


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      I can talk to some people I know at Valley Business Owners and Concerned
      Citizens. They have used paid petitioners in the past and might know
      reliable people or firms.

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      > Andy,
      > This rate is much lower than any I have ever been offered. Keep in
      > we at the LP have dealt with many petition gathers and found most of
      > them to be flakes. That's not to say we shouldn't supplement our
      > with paid people. Invite him to our next meeting.
      > We need lots of volunteers. How many do we have?
      > Jim
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      > Subject: [fairvote_az] Paid Petitioners?
      > Is it time yet to consider paying petitioners for our Better Ballot
      > Glendale initiative? While I was at the Glendale Foothills branch
      > library today, I met a paid petitioner who does this for a living. We
      > got along really well so we chatted quite a bit. I expressed some
      > apprehension about getting enough signatures in time. He kinda laughed
      > and said that he and his organization could get 2,500 signatures in a
      > month. He said that for a city specific petition drive he would charge
      > $1.50 per signature, guarantee a 70% validity rate, even though he
      > usually gets around 80%-90%, and he would try to get some more of his
      > people involved to help out. Might we be interested in doing something
      > like this? If you are out petitioning, these guys are the ones pushing
      > the anti-illegal immigration petitions, like we met at Glitter and
      > While I was there, I collected about 14 signatures, or approx 10/hr.
      > some rough math, one person working the Glendale Libraries (for a max
      > 12 hrs per weekend) getting 10 sigs an hour average over the next 15
      > weeks can get a max of 1,800 signatures and be extremely burned out
      > afterwards.... :-P The industrious souls that are stepping up to
      > petition (thank you) seem to want to work 4 hrs on a given weekend,
      > will probably only petition on half of those weekends so that cuts our
      > number down to 280 total signatures per person over the 15 week
      > So far, only 5 people have been out petitioning, that I know of.
      > a max of 1,400 signatures and is well below our target. Is it time yet
      > to consider paid petitioners?
      > I know that we don't have much money, but in my experience people are
      > more likely to donate money to a cause if they know what that money is
      > being used for. Can we solicit donations from people to support this
      > petition drive? Time is running short and I'm worried that we won't
      > make our target without paid petitioners. For 2,500 signatures, this
      > effort would cost us $3,750, but we don't even need to pay for the
      > amount. If we decide to do this, I am willing to pledge $100 to
      > this effort, and am still willing to be out there collecting
      > as a volunteer.
      > Please give this some consideration and let me know what you all
      > Thanks,
      > Andy G.
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      Mike Renzulli

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