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The Fair Tax IS an American Solution!

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    Dear Fair Tax Advocates: On Saturday, along with thousand across the nation, we hosted American Solutions workshops (AmericanSolutions.com). There was to be a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2007

      Dear Fair Tax Advocates:


      On Saturday, along with thousand across the nation, we hosted American Solutions workshops (AmericanSolutions.com). There was to be a series of three web casts, each followed by group discussion. The first web cast we viewed was on illegal immigration. The second was on the Fair Tax. The third was to be decided democratically among the attendees. The web cast on immigration did not offer much in the way of a "solution", but served as a reminder of the problem. The web cast on the Fair Tax, and especially the few minutes of discussion that followed, intrigued the crowd. (My contact at American Solutions called later and said that everyone across the country had chosen the Fair Tax for their second workshop!)


      When the time came to vote on a third topic, the decision to forego a third web cast and talk Fair Tax was unanimous! So, for the next one hour and 43 minutes, in a lively discussion lead by Kevin Whitt, we talked Fair Tax! The Fair Tax serves as a vivid reminder that the lifeblood of our Republic, our sovereignty, has been drained like a leach from the Citizens by the demands of an illogical, punitive tax code; but at the same time offers a vivid solution.


      The Fair Tax, especially to those hearing it for the first time, is the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. It offers hope. If offers the knowledge that, if we can enlist the action of enough Citizens to force this train down the right track, we can once again breathe free.


      Certain terms and phrases were repeated over and over by Boortz and Linder during the Fair Tax web cast (and by others during the immigration web cast): " you must demand it", "make phone calls", "send faxes", "send emails", "to your elected officials", "it's up to you". Sound familiar?


      The Founders took action and risked their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, for people they didn't even know, and for future generations.


      The Citizens on Flight 93 took action on September 11 2001, to save other Americans – people they didn't even know, and future generations.


      The Fair Tax is the biggest, best, first step toward regaining our lost freedoms, and those of future generations. What action will you take? What will you give? Just 5 minutes of your time each day can get this train on the track to freedom. Tell everyone you know.




      PS: Following the American Solutions workshops, many of us dined at a local Chinese restaurant. Some of us took fortune cookies. As we opened them, a common theme emerged. Here is what they said:

      1. Today it's okay to make a few choices by going with your instincts.
      2. Tell me, I will forget. Involve me, I will understand.
      3. It is hope, not despair, which makes successful revolutions.
      4. Human rights: know them, demand them, defend them.
      5. Joy comes from adventure today. Time to shake the world up.


      PPS: Once again, for now, amnesty for illegals aliens, The Dream Act, has been defeated by Citizen action.


      PPPS: If you would like to write a Fair Tax letter to the House Ways and Means Committee and have it delivered by hand, someone in Kansas is collecting them; email to FairTax@....


      It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather, a tireless, irate minority keen to set brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." … Samuel Adams

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