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Last chance to spend Beltane weekend with Orion Fxwood!

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  • Oxannamoon
    From deep within the mountains of Chatsworth California, The Inner Temple sends a sacred call to all kindred souls: ~ Revel in the Rites of Spring! ~ Into the
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      From deep within the mountains of Chatsworth California, The Inner Temple sends a sacred call to all kindred souls: ~ Revel in the Rites of Spring! ~

      Into the Green is almost upon us, my friends…can you feel the quickening in the air, in the water, in your very soul? The earth heaves a restless sigh and we are poised, in anxious anticipation…wanting, needing, and waiting to sup upon the elixir of life and coax forth the Greening of the Year! If you have not yet secured your ticket, it is not too late! We remain joyously incomplete, waiting for you to join us in an ecstatic celebration of life, love, and community…follow your muse Into the Green!

      Only 14 Full Festival Passports left; beds in the Villa are sold out!

      And what delights await you inside…

      Lodge inside our luxurious Italian Villa or within the charming, adjoining ranch house; indulge yourself in the redwood soaking tub on the grand veranda or loose yourself in the extraordinary stone grotto, offering redwood sauna, hot tub, swimming pool and waterfall! Stroll amidst the rose and fruit tree laden gardens that will be in full bloom for our retreat; curious goats and donkeys look on from the pastureland adjacent - our only neighbors, save the rugged mountains! Classes and workshops will be held inside our temperature controlled crystal cottage!

      Our delicious programming …

      Our weekend of study in the Cunning Craft begins with the Lighting of the Bone Fire and culminates with a Maypole Ceremony done in the Olde Way! Led by Patrick McCollum and Orion Foxwood!

      By night we will revel in The Great Hunt, a traditional Great Rite in all of its primordial ecstasy, led by Lady Oxannamoon!~

      All weekend Long enjoy...

      Fantastic teachers, healers, readers, and mediums, including author, Tony Mierzwicki, and local celebrities, Medicine Woman, Jeanne DeLaney and Dr. Joseph Futerman!

      Phenomenal workshops and performances!

      Swimming, soaking, and sauna!

      Heart-pounding Drum Circles!

      Crafts, shopping, and delicious Beltane Games!

      A nice raffle, a naughty auction, and an opportunity to strut your stuff at the Bardic Circle!

      And have we got an enticing line up for you this year:

      Internationally acclaimed Pagan author, chaplain, and activist Rev. Patrick McCollum joins best-selling Pagan authors, Orion Foxwood, and Tony Mierzwicki and celebrated local, Dr. Joseph Futerman, to lead us deeper into the Hallowed Mysteries of the Rites of Spring from the British Isles, while The Inner Temple Tribe with Lady Oxannamoon~, Devon Kouadio, Audrey LaBenz, and special guest, High Priestess Regan will tantalize and entice you through song, fire-dance, and sacred, sensual ceremony!

      Special performances and contributions from Hauk, Christopher Caplan, Cyriaque Kouadio, Devon Gaines, Chai Benson, and Medicine Woman, Jeanne DeLaney!

      Into the Green 2013 is sure to be a delight for the body and an enchantment for the soul. Tribe is calling you home, and we invite you to join us as we shake off the dust of our mundane lives and let our inner gods and goddesses out to sing, dance, feast, play, and embrace all the joys that this life affords us!

      *Secure your passage today at: http://www.theinnertemple.org/festivals-and-events/inner-temple-events/into-the-green/itg2011-buy-passports.html

      Full schedule of events available at:


      **Orion Foxwood (www.OrionFoxwood.com) will be offering private readings throughout the entire Into the Green festival, so contact Angela at Angela.theinnertemple@... to make your appointment for a one-on-one session with this amazing medium!


      Awaken your divinity at The Inner Temple! ~
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