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Last call for would-be Faery Seers - Intensive training with Orion Foxwood!

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  • Oxannamoon
    The Inner Temple is thilled to announce a second chance to join in the Orion Foxwood Faery Seership program and the new chapter of Faery Seers in the Los
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 5, 2012
      The Inner Temple is thilled to announce a second chance to join in the Orion Foxwood Faery Seership program and the new chapter of Faery Seers in the Los Angeles/Ventura Area! Module II will be held in beautiful, private residence in the charming hamlet of Camarillo!


      If you have been waiting for the opportunity to apprentice with Orion Foxwood, the gods have smiled upon you, my friend - Module II of the House of Brigh Faery Seership apprentice program will be offered on August 25th and 26th and we are allowing new Seers to join us!

      Your personal investment of $190 includes two days of intimate, intensive training with Orion, as well as light refreshments! If you would like to participate in this module and need assistance with transportation and/or lodging, contact Angela at 310-455-2028.

      House of Brigh is a seven year apprenticeship program launched in the intention of offering intimate and in-depth training to those who can no longer ignore the call from their blood to explore and develop their innate talent for the arcane arts and their connection to the other realms. Through a series of bi-annual weekend intensives, seekers will develop a daily practice that will foster their inner landscape and cultivate their in-born gifts. The Faery Seership Program designed by the House of Brigh is inspired by the arts of Cunning Craft, Traditional Witchcraft, and Southern Conjure, and is designed for those who live between the worlds!

      Faery Seership involves a collection of lore, customs, techniques, and prohibitions that are influenced by the Celtic and pre-Celtic tribes of Europe. It focuses on the living inner-commonwealth of the hallowed land in both this world and the other realms. Faery Seership is a philosophy, a way of life, and a paradigm through which we, as humans, can re-enter sacred alliance with the Earth and all her creatures, the plant/tree kingdom, and the many races of beings with which we share the Earth's surface and underworld life.

      Faery Seership is distinct from other magical and spiritual approaches in its philosophy, symbology and use of magical technique. It focuses on preparing the self for inter-world travel, entering and exiting the mystical inner/underworld realms, forming alliances with beings who dwell within these realities, and accessing the "Faery Gifts."

      The Curriculum:

      Path of the Faery Seer: The Apprenticeship Series: Module II
      Ancestral Voices: Working with the Spirits of the Dead in Faery Seership
      An Intimate Weekend Intensive with Orion Foxwood

      Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
      Personal Investment: $190, gourmet lunch and light breakfast included

      In all folk magic traditions, it is clear that the magic worker must engage and work with the spirits of the human dead, otherwise known as ancestor spirits, before they work with any other spirit being, and that includes God, Goddess, Angel or Faery! Through this work, the inner senses are developed and the outer ones are extended for perception through the worlds.
      Often folkloric researchers confuse Faery beings with the Ancestors. This is likely because Faery practices are centered in the same enchanted realm where both Faery and Ancestral Spirits abide, therefore their lore are hopelessly intertwined.

      This workshop will entail the necromantic aspects of Faery Seership and working with our "spiritual next of kin" and will focus on folk practices revolving around ancestral reverence and redemption, partnership, death-bed midwifery, blood voices and other aspects of this branch of the work including:

      The River of Blood and the Cave of Voices
      Building the Ancestral Shrine
      Souls in pain and the power of redemption
      The Door of Parentage
      The Gate of Remembrance
      The awakening of the blood
      The Opening of the Way Rite for Transitioning Work
      Faery and Ancestral relationships
      The role of the beloved dead in inner world contact and work
      Soil as the providence of the dead
      The role of the Faery in birth and death transition
      Ancestral contacts of the future and past
      Ancestral dead and the power of place
      Death as a spiritual intelligence


      Material covered in Module I will be reviewed on the first day of this intensive. Foundational techniques will be re-visited and practiced within the group setting, with an emphasis on how they contribute to an overall process of personal transformation through Faery Seership.

      Meet us in the enchanted wood and we shall make the Magick that made the world!


      Awaken your divinity at The Inner Temple!~
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