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Early Bird tickets now on sale for Into the Gold with Orion Foxwood!

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  • Oxannamoon
    The Inner Temple cordially invites you Into the Gold ~ Sing the Songs of Harvest Home~ August 17-20, 2012 in magnificent Malibu, California! If you will allow
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      The Inner Temple cordially invites you Into the Gold
      ~ Sing the Songs of Harvest Home~
      August 17-20, 2012 in magnificent Malibu, California!

      If you will allow yourself and your children a much deserved flight of fancy into the well-missed world of whimsy and wonder, The Inner Temple beckons you to come and play with us, dear hearts, August 17th - 20th on the beautiful bluffs of Malibu! A Magickal journey of wholesome family fun awaits you (and perhaps just a smidge of that scintillating deliciousness that you have come to expect from us as well!), as we celebrate the waning of the long days of summer and the glorious arrival of the harvest season with four perfect days of camping, feasting, ritual celebration, healing arts, and fantastic programming for the entire family!

      In addition to the spectacular offerings being made by our gifted temple priestesses, Rev. Ren Zatopek, Devon Kouadio, and the Lady Angela Oxannamoon, we are blessed to once again have Orion Foxwood, author, witch, scholar, Faeryseer, and Hoodoo Doctor, to lead our stellar cast of wisdom keepers - and together, we will make a crossing to the realms of hallowed wonder and sacred enchantment too long forgotten!

      A host of other marvelous workers and their collective treasures we also hold in trust for you, lucky seeker, as The Inner Temple proudly offers ceremony and workshops throughout the weekend from Witchfather Griffin Ap Ced of NoHo's The Green Man Store, Shaman Cheryl Janecky of The Malibu Medicine Wheel, Hermetic and Egyptian Magic specialists,Tony and Jo-Ann Mierzwicki, Master Herbalist and Master Gardener, Julie James, Master Linguist, Laurel Airica, and Jeanne "The Feather Lady" DeLaney McLaughlin! Musical guests include Hauk and The Inner Temple's Tribe, featuring High Priestess Regan and her enchanted harp!

      Your passport Into the Gold will garner you passage to camp in our own private nirvana - 17 spirited acres of rolling wilderness in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains with ocean views and miles of trails to wander away the lazy afternoon! Horses, llamas, alpacas, and guineafowl will be just a few of the curious residents vying for your attention as you wend your way through the splendor of the orchards to the butte-top Medicine Wheel for deep soul working! Lose yourself in meditation within the Mongolian Wedding Yurt, or fall away into the Dreamtime, nestled by the Heart Fire inside the authentic Plains Nation Teepee!

      Children's programming includes, animal speak, faery communion, spoon bending, face painting, games, crafts, glow poi, songs, stories and dance, a special children's ritual, and a Bardic presentation by all the village children on our final night together!

      Come and rediscover all that you are - dance with your children `round the ceremonial bonfire, howl at the moon and sing your songs to the heavens! Come and celebrate this life called human and this place called Earth...come and remember that we are tribe!

      Early bird passports available until the end of June.
      Beginning July 1, Full Festival Passports will be $110.
      Tickets purchased after midnight on July 31 will be $125.
      Ticket sales close at 11:59pm on August 15, 2012

      Acquire your passport today at:

      Tribe is calling you Into the Gold...sing the songs of Harvest Home!~

      Awaken your divinity at The Inner Temple! ~
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