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2nd Chance to Catch Module I of Orion Foxwood Faery Seership!

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  • Oxannamoon
    The Inner Temple is happy to announce a second chance to complete Module I of the Orion Foxwood Faery Seership program and join the new chapter of Faery Seers
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2012
      The Inner Temple is happy to announce a second chance to complete Module I of the Orion Foxwood Faery Seership program and join the new chapter of Faery Seers in Los Angeles!

      If you have been waiting for the opportunity to apprentice with Orion Foxwood, the gods have smiled upon you, my friend - Module I of the House of Brigh Faery Seership apprentice program will be offered on June 16th and 17th at Well of the Moon in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada!

      Your personal investment of $180 includes two days of intimate, intensive training with Orion, as well as light refreshments!

      House of Brigh is a seven year apprenticeship program launched in the intention of offering intimate and in-depth training to those who can no longer ignore the call from their blood to explore and develop their innate talent for the arcane arts and their connection to the other realms. Through a series of bi-annual weekend intensives, seekers will develop a daily practice that will foster their inner landscape and cultivate their in-born gifts. The Faery Seership Program designed by the House of Brigh is inspired by the arts of Cunning Craft, Traditional Witchcraft, and Southern Conjure, and is designed for those who live between the worlds!

      Faery Seership involves a collection of lore, customs, techniques, and prohibitions thatare influenced by the Celtic and pre-Celtic tribes of Europe. It focuses on the living inner-commonwealth of the hallowed land in both this world and the other realms. Faery Seership is a philosophy, a way of life, and a paradigm through which we, as humans, can re-enter sacred alliance with the Earth and all her creatures, the plant/tree kingdom, and the many races of beings with which we share the Earth's surface and underworld life.

      Faery Seership is distinct from other magical and spiritual approaches in its philosophy, symbology and use of magical technique. It focuses on preparing the self for inter-world travel, entering and exiting the mystical inner/underworld realms, forming alliances with beings who dwell within these realities, and accessing the "Faery Gifts."

      Faery Seership Module I

      Day 1: Saturday 10:00AM – 6:00PM
      An Introduction into the Realms of Enchantment

      This workshop will cover the fundamental beliefs and basic elements of Faery Seership including:

      • Who and what are the Faery?
      • Entrances into the Faery realms.
      • Where and what is the Faery realm?
      • The prohibitions.
      • The Second Sight.
      • Core elements of the Faery Seership tradition.
      • Meeting the co walker.
      • Faery/ Human Relations.
      • The "tongue that cannot lie" and the Faery touch.
      • The philosophies of Faery Seership.
      • The role of Faery Seership in the modern world.
      • How to approach a life with Faery beings.

      Day 2: Sunday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
      Entering the Realms of Enchantment

      This workshop will build on the work of Day 1 and then expand into:

      • Attuning a space with the Green Mist.
      • The Faery Ordeal and its initiatory power.
      • The sacred colors and symbols of Faery.
      • Roles of the Faery Seer.
      • Faery magic.
      • The mystical crossroads.
      • Entering and exiting the faery realms.
      • The lore of the Vision Keys.
      • The levels and types of inner contacts.
      • The Lore of the "Celtic Twilight".
      • The Faery gifts and how to seek them.

      If you would like to participate in this module and need assistance with transportation and lodging in Las Vegas, contact Angela at 310-455-2028.

      Awaken your divinity at The Inner Temple!~
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