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Dive Into the Green this Beltane with Orion Foxwood!

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  • Oxannamoon
    From deep within the mountains of Ojai, California, The Inner Temple sends a sacred call to all kindred souls! ~ Revel in the Rites of Spring! ~ Into the
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      From deep within the mountains of Ojai, California, The Inner Temple sends a sacred call to all kindred souls! ~ Revel in the Rites of Spring! ~

      Into the Green is almost upon us, my friends…can you feel the quickening in the air, in the water, in your very soul? The earth heaves a restless sigh and we are poised, in anxious anticipation…wanting, needing, and waiting to sup upon the elixir of life and coax forth the Greening of the Year! If you have not yet secured your ticket, it is not too late! We remain joyously incomplete, waiting for you to join us in an ecstatic celebration of life, love, and community…follow your muse Into the Green!

      And what delights will you find there…

      - Classes and rituals designed by authors Orion Foxwood, Don Michael Kraig, and Tony and Jo-Ann Mierzwicki, as well as local celebrities: Dr. Joseph Futerman, Rev. Hyperion, Chai Benson, MFT, Master Astrologer, Ken Dell, Jeanne "the feather lady" Delaney, and the Lady Oxannamoon!

      - Dance Chief, Lyn Starflyer of The Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge leads us in a Sacred Native American Prayer Ceremony and Sweatlodge Ritual.

      - Master Herbalist, Julie James takes us deep into the forest on a search for treasures of the season!

      - Devon Gaines invites us on a saucy romp, with naughty Beltane Games and a titillating Shower Auction!

      - Performances round the Bonfire from the incomparable High Priestess Regan, the dancing goddesses of Tribe, and Southern California's favorite Heathen metal band: Hauk!!

      Into the Green 2011 is sure to be a delight for the body and an enchantment for the soul. Tribe is calling you home, and we invite you to join us as we shake off the dust of our mundane lives and let our inner gods and goddesses out to sing, dance, feast, play, and embrace all the joys that this life affords us!

      *Acquire your passport Into the Green today at:


      Full 4 day/3 night pass: $75
      3 days/2 nights only: $55
      2 days/1 night only: $30
      Friday or Saturday day pass: $15
      Thursday or Sunday day pass: $10

      Full schedule of events available at:


      **Orion Foxwood www.OrionFoxwood.com will be appearing at The Greenman Store www.thegreenmanstore.com on Friday, May 6th and offering private readings throughout the entire Into the Green festival, as well as the week before; so contact Angela at LadyOxannamoon@... to make your appointment for a one-on-one session with this amazing medium!
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