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New zines at AWS, pt. 1

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  • Agent With Style
    Our next con is RevelCon in Houston - deadline for pre-con orders 11:59 ET on March 6, 2010. Then we have Tribal Forces in Philadelphia, PA - deadline for
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      Our next con is RevelCon in Houston - deadline for pre-con orders 11:59 ET
      on March 6, 2010.

      Then we have Tribal Forces in Philadelphia, PA - deadline for pre-con orders
      11:59 ET on April 13, 2010.

      We'd be delighted if you friended us on Facebook -

      -- and followed us on Twitter - www.twitter.com/agentwithstyle - to get the
      latest zine listings!

      * www.agentwithstyle.com *

      Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:


      * The Man from U.N.C.L.E. *

      U.N.C.L.E. GOLD 1
      U.N.C.L.E. GOLD 2
      U.N.C.L.E. GOLD 4

      Collected from many out-of-print gen zines and gathered into digest
      volumes for the first time, these hard-to-find stories from the golden
      heyday of U.N.C.L.E. fandom, deftly written by several award-winning
      authors, will hold you spellbound to the last page! Come on adventures with
      Napoleon and Illya and thrill to sound of a pen communicator calling them to


      * Multimedia *


      The concept of 'vampire' occurs in every culture, and it seems, in
      every fandom. From "The Professionals," where Doyle must explain the facts
      of life, er, death to his partner Bodie, to "Due South," where Ray K.
      'explains' to an interloper that no one messes with his lover Fraser, to
      "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," where Xander knows exactly what Spike gets up to
      in the dark of the night -- and welcomes it, and several other fandoms as
      well, this wonderfully slashy zine explores the depths of vampirism and the
      heights of love.


      * The Sentinel *


      Contains such wonderful slash stories as:

      "Reason to Love" by LilyK -- Sometimes facing the past is a prerequisite to
      having a future. Sometimes the help to do it comes from unexpected places.

      "The Plan" by KAM -- Friends can sometimes see things a man, or two, can't
      see for themselves. Then again...

      "Have You Seen This Man?" by Legion -- A fluke accident, caused by
      carelessness, may have ended Jim's life, and this time, it's Blair to the

      "Getting It" by Akablonded -- Sometimes men are dense. Sometimes they 'get

      And many more!


      * Stargate SG-1 *


      From the prolific pen of Annie, with a beautiful colour cover by Cleo
      the Muse, comes a Little Daniel gen novel, which crosses "Stargate SG-1"
      with "CSI: Las Vegas," "House," and "The Sentinel." An accident offworld
      results in Daniel Jackson being turned into a child, and Jack O'Neill wants
      nothing more than to keep him safe, but life sometimes has a way of tripping
      up the best of intentions.


      Deftly written by Lyn, with a lovely color cover by Cleo the Muse, this
      gen zine contains two lengthy stories in which Jack must deal with a
      pint-sized Daniel, often to his detriment! In "Welcome Home, Danny Boy,"
      Daniel is downsized by a well-meaning alien race, but falls ill and Jack
      discovers the choices he needs to make aren't nearly as hard as he thought.
      In "Nightmares Shared," Jack must learn to deal with caring for a downsized
      Daniel, but the journey for both takes many twists and turns before leading
      them both back to each other.

      (Please note that there is a similarly-named zine series called LITTLE
      DANIEL, which AWS also carries, which is different from this zine.)


      * Supernatural *


      In the *thickest* gen zine yet, over 440 pages, with stories from
      amazing authors such as Gaelicspirit, K. Hanna Korossy, Jeanne R. Gold, and
      more, Sam and Dean fight demons, have heart-to-heart talks, run for their
      lives, needle each other incessantly, drive from one end of the country to
      the other, meet funny, scary, sometimes normal people, and never slow down.
      Ah, life on the hunt!

      * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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    • Agent With Style
      Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI - deadline for pre-con orders 11:59 pm ET on May 22, 2010. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We d be
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        Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI - deadline for pre-con orders 11:59
        pm ET on May 22, 2010. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged!

        We'd be delighted if you friended us on Facebook -

        -- and followed us on Twitter - www.twitter.com/agentwithstyle - to get the
        latest zine listings!

        * www.agentwithstyle.com *

        Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:


        * CSI: Las Vegas *

        A LONG STORY

        In this intriguing CSI: Las Vegas / The Sentinel crossover slash novel,
        written by Dovya Blacque, when Blair Sandburg arrives in Las Vegas for an
        International Anthropology Society convention, the last thing he expects is
        to walk directly into a crime scene. But finding his cousin Robert missing
        is exactly the first thing Blair finds. Arriving on the crime scene from
        the Las Vegas Crime Lab are Gil Grissom and Nick Stokes, the latter of whom
        clicks instantly with Blair. Through the difficult hours to come, Nick
        "adopts" Blair, helping him through the steps needed to find his missing
        cousin. Later, once Blair has found shelter with a friend at the
        convention, another crime brings Blair back into contact with the Las Vegas
        Crime Lab. At which point, Blair's Sentinel, Jim Ellison, decides he can't
        leave his Guide alone to deal with everything so he joins Blair in Las Vegas
        to help solve not one but two crimes. Don't miss this amazing zine!


        * Magnificent Seven *


        Collected from the various multimedia zines published by Neon Rainbow
        Press and put into collected volumes, here are all the gen Magnificent 7
        stories in one spot, for your reading enjoyment. With stories by wonderful
        authors such as LaraMee, Michelle Fortado, Erica Michaels, Patricia Grace
        and many others, come see what the seven ruffians from Four Corners are up
        to now!


        * NCIS *

        GEAR UP

        Whether it's a dead Marine floating in the ocean or a missing
        midshipman who disappeared from a crowded bar, if NCIS catches the case and
        Gibbs gets assigned, he'll round up his team with a quiet, firm, "Gear up!"
        and head out to solve the mystery. From some of the best authors in this
        fandom, this gen zine contains tales focused on the team of Gibbs, DiNozzo,
        David and McGee, with strong showings of Abby, Ducky and Palmer. A
        must-read zine!


        * The Professionals *


        Written by Maiden Wyoming, this enticing slash story is set in the
        wilds of the midwest, where Bodie and Doyle are teamed up again after
        working separate undercover cases for several years. George Cowley has
        passed on and the "New Moo" is not as fond of our boys as the Cow had been.
        The team is sent over the pond for a very important mission, but for
        "security reasons" the lads are not told exactly what they are going to be
        doing. The mystery begins almost as soon as they land in Wyoming. With
        secrecy, laughter, tears, love, and the Native American mysticism that is
        threaded throughout, this slash novel will engage your interest until the
        very last page!


        * The Sentinel *

        SENSORY NET 4

        Gathering the best gen Sentinel stories to be found on the net, this
        zine has such wonderful tales as:

        "The Best Disguise" by L.A. Adolf
        Three months after surviving a near-fatal bout of post-cancer
        treatment-illess, Blair adjusts to his altered life, and Jim faces life as a
        full-time Sentinel. (Note, this is not a slash story, but there is an
        assumed same-sex relationship between H. and Rafe.)

        "The Ransom of Jim's Chief" by L.A. Adolf
        When bad guys grab Blair, they end up with more than they expected.

        "Finding Family" by Debra Noellert
        (A crossover with the "Magnificent 7" ATF universe.) Blair
        unexpectedly discovers who his father is.

        "Family and Strangers" by Susan Macdonald
        (A crossover with the "Magnificent 7" ATF universe.) Blair pays his
        father a visit.


        * Supernatural *


        This is a special all-adult issue with some pretty explicit het
        material, with all the stories written by the amazing Bev Bishop, and many
        tales about the Winchester brothers on the hunt. It also contains an A/U
        where John Winchester doesn't die, but rather meets and falls in love with a
        talented healer who helps him fight the Yellow-Eyed Demon. A must-read


        * Wiseguy *


        Exploring the relationship between undercover FBI agent Vinnie
        Terranova and drug kingpin Sonny Steelegrave, Natasha Solten has written
        several stories and novellas that show how first times could happen ... and
        what happened when they did. Among the intriguing tales in this slash zine

        "The War Inside" -- Vinnie wrestles with his growing feelings for Sonny
        while learning that Sonny himself has started to question his own choices in
        life and may be feeling an urge to run. Both men face off, only to realize
        they think more alike than they ever realized, and may actually share the
        same dreams of a different future together.

        "The Safe House" -- What if, after hours of being trapped in the old Rialto,
        beaten, exhausted and desperate, Sonny starts trying all the exits again and
        one of the doors flies open? This story starts with an escape, a gun, a
        stolen car and a drive into the mountains that will change Sonny's and
        Vinnie's lives forever.

        "The Three O'Clock Drive" -- After Vinnie is taken out in the middle of the
        night on suspicion of being a cop, and almost killed by Sonny and his
        henchmen, he finds himself in an awkward and ironic position of feeling
        betrayed by the man he is in the process of betraying. The truth of Sonny's
        friendship and what it means to Vinnie sheds new light on his conscience and
        brings to the surface feelings he can't deny.

        "Don't" -- Sonny is coming onto Vinnie and Vinnie is finding it harder and
        harder to say no to him.

        "Dark Deeds" -- Sonny the tempter seduces a reluctant Vinnie to the dark
        side where things do not go at all as planned.

        "The Weather Outside" -- While Vinnie watches Sonny sleep, he makes a
        decision that changes everything. The result: they are separated for three
        long months. Each faces agonizing introspection, and a love that refuses to

        * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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      • Agent With Style
        Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI - deadline for pre-con orders 11:59 pm ET on May 22, 2010. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We sell out
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          Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI - deadline for pre-con orders 11:59
          pm ET on May 22, 2010. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We sell
          out *fast*!

          We'd be delighted if you friended us on Facebook -

          -- and followed us on Twitter - www.twitter.com/agentwithstyle - to get the
          latest zine listings!

          * www.agentwithstyle.com *

          Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:


          * Magnificent Seven *


          From Christmas to birthdays to holidays they just made up, come
          celebrate with these seven hotties who would rather make love than war.

          "Memento Mori" by Sue N. -- (Memorial Day, Chris/Vin) The two men think
          back to the meaning of sacrifice.

          "The Delivery" by Wildcat -- (Birthday and Anniversary, Chris/Vin) A
          special package arrives.

          "The Birthday Gift" by Shea -- (Birthday, Chris/Vin) It's always nice when
          you get just what you want for your birthday.

          "September 3" by Farad -- (Anniversary, Chris/Vin) Some anniversaries bring
          back bad memories, but with the right person you can make it through.

          "The Greatest Gift" by Ruby J. -- (Christmas, Chris/Vin) Knowing what the
          greatest gift is can be a blessing.

          "Hopes and Dreams" by Ruby J. -- (Christmas, Chris/Vin) Holding on to your
          hopes and dreams is easier when you have someone there beside you.

          "Dancing Around" by Farad -- (A special occassion, Chris/Vin) When they
          stop over in a town, Chris and Vin end up at a dance that sparks a private
          dance between the two men.

          "Its Own Place" by Farad -- (Heat Wave, Chris/Vin) When you can't escape
          the heat, you'll try anything.


          * NCIS *


          In this electric novel by Ashleigh Anpilova, the true nature of the
          relationship between Gibbs and Ducky becomes widely known about when Mrs.
          Mallard turns up at the NCIS offices one morning demanding to see her 'son's
          boyfriend.' Upon talking to her, Gibbs learns that Ducky has apparently
          been kidnapped; a search of Ducky's Reston home confirms this. Despite the
          best efforts of him and his team, there appears to be no leads. And then
          Gibbs is sent a letter and the sharp eyes of McGee reveal more than the
          writer necessarily intended. Suddenly, it's a race against time to see if
          Gibbs can find his lover before it is too late.


          * The Professionals *


          Labeled as "a Professionals (more or less) slash (sort of) zine," this
          is a collection of 13 tales, of which 8 are The Professionals and the
          remaining 5 are in the following fandoms: A Christmas Carol, Star Trek: The
          Next Generation, Original fiction, Pride and Prejudice and Star Wars. And
          the split between gen and slash is roughly the same, 9 slash tales and 4
          gen. This zine definitely runs the gamut of best-buddies all the way up to
          smokin'-hot-sex, and with authors as diverse as Henry Jenkins (yes, the
          "Textual Poachers" Henry Jenkins!), Maiden Wyoming, Eros, Lainie Stone and
          more, the intriguing and amazing writing will keep you riveted to the very
          last page. This zine is definitely not what you expect!


          * The Sentinel *

          SENSORY NET 6

          In this engaging gen novel, "Letter From Hades" by Demeter, when a case
          involving the ritual sacrifice of children ends in the hands of the Major
          Crimes Unit, memories that Blair thought long buried surface, along with a
          troubling secret -- he is suffering from multiple personality disorder.
          Now, Blair struggles to piece his life back together, and Jim tries to
          protect him as well as find the man responsible for Blair's condition.

          Note: This is not a slash story, but one of Blair's personalities in
          the story is gay and he is depicted with an Original Male Character.


          * Stargate SG-1 *

          STARGATE: EXPLORER (slash version)

          The story of the Stargate is Daniel's story, and has been since the
          beginning. Experience the further adventures of Doctor Daniel Jackson on
          his quest to see what's out there, to make friends, battle enemies and find
          his own path through the galaxy as he searches for peace, justice and a
          place to call home.

          Lady Grey has said this is her last official Stargate fanfic
          publication. This special 'behind the scenes' slash adaptation of her
          Stargate: Explorer novel is a look at the 'rest of the story' -- 50
          additional pages! -- of Daniel's journey through tragedy of galactic
          proportions, utter isolation, emotional devastation, and back to hope as
          Daniel finds previously unknown allies, hidden talents, and a new vision for
          the future. This story is exclusive and will not appear on the net.


          * Supernatural *


          This series, written by a cadre of fantastic authors, and illustrated
          by gorgeous artwork, begins two months following the events of "No Rest for
          the Wicked," the third season finale of Supernatural, where Dean is killed
          and dragged to Hell. Sam, the sole remainder of the Winchester bloodline,
          continues the hunt. His main concern is Lilith, the demon who holds Dean's
          contract, in hopes that killing her will free Dean from the worst reaches of
          Hell. Beside him on the journey is the demon Ruby, but can he trust her?

          "As Daylight Dies..." by Andy Epsilantis, Chris Sizemore, and Hazel Jones
          In the first episode, Sam and Ruby head out to San Francisco,
          California where a solar eclipse has supernaturally lasted for one week and
          it doesn't appear to be letting up anytime soon. While they are there, they
          meet Travis Sheridan, a fellow hunter.

          "Vastata Incendia" by Chris Sizemore, Hazel Jones Godwin, and Andy
          With Travis Sheridan now a full-fledged member of their team, Sam and
          his friends move onto Pierre, South Dakota where an explosion in a train
          station claims the lives of several hundred people. Sam and Ruby recognize
          that the explosion is similar to the one that killed FBI agent Henriksen
          earlier in the year. They figure Lilith must be near, and a new demon,
          Carson Adams, might have something to do with it.

          "Savagery" by Hazel Jones Godwin, Andy Epsilantis, and Chris Sizemore
          After running through Pierre in an attempt to kill Lilith and free
          Dean from the worst corridors of Hell, Sam, Ruby and Travis head to the
          Grand Canyon where tourists are being savagely murdered by a mysterious
          entity. There, they meet a young boy named Alex, who may be more than meets
          the eye.

          "The Stranger" by Chris Sizemore and Andy Epsilantis
          The mysterious demon Carson Adams returns to warn Sam on the
          whereabouts of Lilith's next attack. However, when the gang gets ambushed by
          a horde of hellhounds en route, they know they've been betrayed.

          "Thievery" by Chris Sizemore and Andy Epsilantis
          While Sam and his friends are passing through Seattle, Washington, a
          news report hits the airwaves of Ruby stealing from a local museum and
          killing two security guards in the process. Now, they must figure out how
          she could be in two places at once while trying to evade a new FBI agent on
          their trail.

          "You'll Be in My Heart" by Shannon Collins
          Carson and Sam cast a spell that will supposedly allow Sam to contact
          Dean. However, the spell backfires and returns Travis' deceased son Jason
          to him. Sam suspects that something is amiss with the new arrival, but
          Travis, blinded by his love for his son, refuses to look beyond the precious
          child that has been returned to him.

          "Because I See" by Andy Epsilantis and Chris Sizemore
          While Sam's psychic powers continue to slowly bubble to the surface,
          his visions return... with him seeing his friends' deaths. In the aftermath
          of the vision, Sam joins Carson in South Dakota to stop not just Ruby's and
          Travis' fates, but also to collect the prize at the end of the tunnel: a
          mysterious gem with supernatural properties.


          * The X-Files *


          In this intriguing Mulder/Skinner novel, written by Grey, after a
          brutal attack on Fox Mulder, Walter Skinner and Dana Scully must dig through
          secrets and lies to get to the truth, and those secrets and lies aren't just
          coming from outsiders like Alex Krycek and the Smoking Man - they're coming
          from Mulder, too, as he comes undone. Only one man can put him back
          together, but will Skinner be able to hold the course? Lots of great
          hurt/comfort and angst like only Grey can do! Don't miss this zine!

          * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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        • Agent With Style
          Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI - deadline for pre-con orders 11:59 pm ET on May 22, 2010. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We sell out
          Message 4 of 8 , May 15, 2010
            Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI - deadline for pre-con orders 11:59
            pm ET on May 22, 2010. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We sell
            out *fast*!

            AGENT WITH STYLE
            * www.agentwithstyle.com *

            Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:


            * Kung Fu: The Legend Continues *

            HEART'S DESIRE

            Fulfilling his heart's desire -- it's what every man wishes. For Peter
            Caine, it's being reunited with Mai Chi, a woman he loves and believes is
            lost to him forever. For Kwai Chang Caine, it's building a life with his
            son. For one, an impossible dream; for the other, a dream come true. Then
            everything changes.

            A mystic sword, a determined madman, and a gaping portal in time and
            space all combine to rip Peter from his home and father and send him back
            into the arms of the woman who holds his heart. Devastated, Peter
            eventually learns to accept this loss of father and friends as he finds his
            heart's desire with Mai Chi and the life they build together.

            Arriving on the scene seconds too late, Caine is tormented by the loss
            of his son. Refusing to accept his loss, he will stop at nothing to get
            Peter back, even if it means turning his back on the Shaolin and Shambhala
            itself. With Kermit's assistance, Caine embarks on the most challenging
            journey of his life -- crossing time and space to fulfill his heart's desire
            and bring his son safely home. Written by J.P. Kraft, this is one zine you
            won't want to miss!


            * Magnificent Seven *


            Walt Whitman wrote a series of poems called "The Calamus Cluster,"
            which explored the idea of 'manly love.' And taking a leaf from ol' Walt's
            book, that's what these stories focus on, that wonderfully manly love
            between Chris and Vin, focusing on hurt/comfort and first times. Whether
            hot and heavy, or endearingly hesitant, you'll love these stories!

            "Sunrise/Sunset/Moonrise" by Winnie -- Old West. The development of a

            "Together: Each New Dawn" by Susie Burton -- Old West. Poem.

            "Paint the Sky" by JIN -- Old West. Chris stays with Vin when he is hurt
            too badly to travel.

            "Protection" by The Tenth Muse 1 -- Modern AU. Chris and Vin take on a new
            gig, protecting one JD Dunne.

            "A Life Not Lost" by Annie -- ATF Denver. An undercover assignment for Vin
            goes terribly wrong, and the fall out might just destroy his life with

            "A Life Not Left" by Annie -- ATF Denver. When Vin's nemesis returns, it
            nearly costs him and Chris their lives.

            "Conquering the Mountain" by Susie Burton -- ATF Denver. Chris and Vin go
            see a movie.

            "What We Hope to Learn" by Annie -- ATF Denver. Chris needs to get his head
            together. Vin needs to say what he feels. Too bad neither of them is doing
            what they need to do.

            "...And Then to Bed" by Susie Burton -- ATF Denver. When things don't go as
            planned... improvise.


            * Find Us on the Web *

            We'd be delighted if you friended us on Facebook --


            -- and followed us on Twitter - www.twitter.com/agentwithstyle - to get the
            latest zine listings!


            * Real Ghostbusters *


            A stranger who appears very ill staggers into the firehall babbling of
            Evil, and of legions of ghosts about to endanger New York City, in this
            engaging novel by Sheila Paulson. After telling Dr. Raymond Stantz that the
            Ghostbusters are the only ones who can stop the evil plotter responsible, he
            collapses right in front of the occultist. Trying to discover who poisoned
            this strange man -- with a dart, no less! -- leads our heroes into a fight
            they can't afford to lose....


            * The Sentinel *


            In this exciting collection that combines "Lord of the Rings" with "The
            Sentinel," Sheila Paulson weaves two great stories worthy of Tolkien

            "Song of Joy" -- Blair Sandburg is injured and his partner takes him back to
            Middle Earth to be cured, only to discover that Osgiliath is being restored,
            and a terrible darkness has been discovered there, a darkness that only
            Blair Sandburg can help with.

            In the second tale, "The Memory of Shadows," there is a horrible killer
            running amok in Cascade. While some think it may be a Jack the Ripper
            copycat, or something even worse, Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg realize
            that Orcs have come to Cascade from Middle Earth.


            * Star Trek (TOS) *

            THE K/S ART PROJECT

            In a drop-dead gorgeous zine, with a full-color cover by Suzan Lovett,
            Dovya Blacque has collected many of her funny, thoughtful and heartwarming
            stories and poems, and then asked dozens of talented artists if she could
            use their eye-catching work to illustrate her prose. Every artist
            immediately agreed, and the list of names on the table of contents is like a
            "Who's Who" of the best-known talent in K/S fandom! In this 90-paged zine,
            you'll find Lorraine Bravig, Maureen Burns, Shelley Butler, Marilyn Cole,
            Merle Decker, Deeb, Gayle Feyrer, KOZ, Caren Parnes, Chris Soto, TACS,
            tvals01, L.A. Adolf, Ashley, Diegina, HWF, Meg Kelly, Suzan Lovett, Melinda
            Lynch, Princess of Swords, Romanse and The Southern Cross, many of them
            submitting *brand-new* pieces to accompany Dovya's beautiful words. Don't
            miss this amazing zine!


            * Stargate SG-1 *


            In this captivating novel by Neena Varscona, when the Goa'uld find a
            way to hide a secret, deadly weapon inside the minds of innocent SGC members
            and their allies, the only way to save the planet is to sort through
            everyone's nightmares. For Dr. Daniel Jackson, there are things hidden away
            in his dreams that could do more than destroy the world - they could destroy
            his life. His feelings for Jack are more than just brotherly, but in his
            nightmares, Jack scathingly rejects him. And when that secret is forced to
            the surface, he decides to take extreme measures to set things right.
            Daniel's simple act of heroism leads him on a painful journey of trust and
            leads Colonel Jack O'Neill on a journey of self-discovery that will change
            the course of their future forever. Will Daniel's nightmare become reality
            - or will love win out over all?


            * Supernatural *

            HUNTING ON THE NET 11

            Gathering the best Supernatural stories to be found on the net, this
            zine has tales by such wonderful authors as K. Hanna Korossy, Angela Gabriel
            and Bayre. This issue contains, among many great stories, a sequel to
            "Bonding of Souls" (in HUNTING ON THE NET 10, available from AWS). Barye
            continues her intriguing tale in the 94-paged novel "A Safe, Secure Place."
            Sam is healing -- or is he? Something is amiss and neither brother seems
            able to stop the disaster that looms on their horizon.


            * Torchwood *

            ANOTHER LIFE

            From the witty and fertile mind of Kittsbud come two long gen tales
            that together make for an amazing Torchwood / Doctor Who crossover novel.
            Illustrated by gorgeous color artwork pieces and an eye-catching cover
            that's to-die-for, Kittsbud has outdone herself! Don't miss this fantastic

            "Of One Blood" by Kittsbud -- The Doctor offers Martha Jones a fun outing to
            Gettysburg, but can any trip in the TARDIS really be just for fun? When the
            pair discover the past has been altered, and the universe has just a short
            while to live, they have no choice but to fight together one last time to
            save mankind! What does the the secret military base at Montauk hide? Who
            is the mysterious prisoner that must be guarded at all costs? What does the
            Time Agency have to do with it? And how can a world-reknowned scientist
            still draw breath over a hundred years after his birth and several decades
            after his reported death? With help from a young Jack Harkness, the Doctor
            and Martha are determined to find out!

            "Union of Souls" by Kittsbud -- A growing energy force is threatening to
            destroy mankind and not even Time Lords or immortal Torchwood leaders are
            immune. As more and more of the Tau K'mon appear on Earth, it soon becomes
            obvious the beings are using the Cardiff Rift to seep into our dimension,
            but what are their mysterious origins and why have they chosen our planet to
            conquer? Can Captain Jack and his crew stop the entities, or will they
            require the help of a very special Doctor on call? The problem is, after
            the events in Of One Blood, is he even the Doctor at all?

            AGENT WITH STYLE
            * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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            Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI -- deadline for pre-con orders 11:59 pm ET on May 18, 2013. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We sell out
            Message 5 of 8 , May 15, 2013
              Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI -- deadline for pre-con orders
              11:59 pm ET on May 18, 2013. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We
              sell out *fast*!

              AGENT WITH STYLE
              * <http://www.agentwithstyle.com> www.agentwithstyle.com *


              * The Avengers *

              STOLEN RELICS

              In this rollicking slash novel by Kadorienne, with a beautiful
              color cover by Crane Hana, as an alien threat looms, only one man can save
              the Earth. Unfortunately, he's in Odin's dungeons. When the Avengers strike
              a bargain with Asgard, Loki jumps at the chance to escape his cell,
              reconcile with Thor and get revenge on the being that enslaved him. What he
              never bargained on was his dangerous attraction to Tony Stark, a mortal just
              as impossibly clever and irresistible as himself. Can their fragile truce
              survive Loki's secret agenda? Don't miss this amazing novel that will make
              you laugh, make you cry and redefine what 'family' really means!


              * The Dresden Files *


              In Victorian London, tea merchant and occult enthusiast Sir Justin
              Morningway has been saddled with his orphaned nephew, Harold Dresden. To
              have Harry trained to further Sir Justin's ambitions, he sends Harry to his
              acquaintance Robert, Viscount Bainbridge, for tutoring in the dark arts. In
              this spellbinding slash novel by MJ, with color covers and interior art by
              Elfqueen, Morningway suspects neither his nephew's actual abilities nor the
              alliance Harry will forge with the wealthy, handsome, older sorcerer. After
              Bainbridge is forced to meet Morningway in an illegal duel, he and Harry
              flee to Paris, and then to America - to Massachusetts, where Bainbridge
              plans to learn more about an ancient grimoire filled with the secrets of
              necromancy and the worship of loathsome gods and sea creatures. Oscar
              Wilde, Aleister Crowley, Sherlock Holmes and the residents of Arkham,
              Massachusetts, all cross Bainbridge's and Harry's paths as the two magicians
              come face to face with the murderous rites of the Esoteric Order of Dagon.
              Having grown to love one another, can the snarky English necromancer and his
              headstrong student stay together in the midst of deaths both magical and
              mundane, resurrection of the dead, occult wars, and the arrest of
              Bainbridge's close friend Wilde?


              * Real Ghostbusters / Shadow Chasers *


              After the tragic death of Peter Venkman, Edgar "Benny" Benedek,
              tabloid reporter and friend of the Ghostbusters, jumps in as a temporary
              Ghostbuster to help tide the other three over until they can bear to seek a
              permanent replacement. But a mysterious man who appears out of nowhere, a
              homeless man who seems to be stalking the Ghostbusters, and a plum-colored
              ghost who fiercely disapproves of the team - particularly Benedek - lead to
              difficult questions in this engaging gen Real Ghostbusters / Shadow Chasers
              crossover novel by Sheila Paulson.

              In the meantime, a lost Ghostbuster tries very hard to find his
              way home before a demon can attack the team and destroy them all.


              * The Sentinel *


              "Friendship, friendship...just a perfect blendship!" Just like
              the song says, Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg are partners and deep, abiding
              friends. In this gen collection of inspiring tales by Jenny Myers, come see
              how the partnership of Sentinel and Guide stands the test of time, and how,
              through thick and thin, "when other friendships have been forgot, theirs
              will still be hot!"

              "Boo!" -- A stakeout at the cemetery leads to some humorous results.

              "Book Covers" -- An unsuspecting police officer finds that Jim Ellison isn't
              the only one who's protective of a certain long-haired, neo-hippie,
              anthropologist police observer.

              "Camouflage" -- Jim has amnesia and is lost in a wood filled with
              survivalist terrorists. Will he remember his Sentinel life before Blair

              "Close as a Heartbeat" -- An assassin who leaves no clues is after a
              department-protected witness. What he didn't plan on was a Sentinel
              detective and his Guide.

              "Exact Change" -- A rendezvous with a snitch doesn't go exactly as planned.

              "Innocence" - A visiting politician and his staff bring up some unpleasant
              memories for Blair that he thought had long been hidden.


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              * Star Trek (TOS) *

              TERRA FIRMA

              In this engaging third novel in the slash COMMON GROUND series,
              written by Tiger Tyger, with a beautiful color cover by Lorraine Brevig,
              Spock and Kirk experience Spock's *pon farr* together, each learning what it
              means to be filled to overflowing with passion and rage and love and *need.*
              During this time, Spock breaks past Kirk's last refuge of mental shields and
              establishes an unbreakable link deep in his subconscious. While not unhappy
              about the link, Jim must learn what it means to have a Vulcan in his head
              24/7, and Spock must learn how not to overpower his mate, to whom telepathy
              is still very new. While still adjusting to their new situation and new
              access to each other's thoughts and feelings, Jim is promoted to Director of
              Operations at Starfleet when his predecesor suddenly dies. Will the added
              pressure of such an important, responsibility-laden job cause even more
              problems between Jim and Spock? Will their fragile bond be able to hold up
              under the demands, or will it be their salvation? Don't miss this great
              installment in a fantastic series!


              * Stargate: Atlantis *


              If John Sheppard is the 'military' and Rodney McKay provides the
              'intelligence,' could the two of them together have military intelligence --
              or would it be spit-and-polish versus I'm-so-much-smarter-than-you? Can a
              military man and a brilliant scientist find enough common ground to fall in
              love, much less have an ongoing relationship? With stories by Lamardeuse,
              Angyl, Orithain, Rina, Tarlan, Keikokin, Zoe Rayne and more, sparks fly and
              insults are muttered direly in this fantastic slash zine -- but love and
              laughter may just win out in the end!


              * Supernatural *

              ROUTE 666, VOL. 5

              When the roadsign is 666, Sam and Dean never know *what* is going
              to come their way! Stories ranging from present-day to their childhoods and
              back again, happy, sad and everything in between, these tales show the lives
              of Hunters and Hunters-to-be. But no matter what -- family always wins out,
              and blood is thicker than water. In most cases. Don't miss this fantastic
              gen zine! In this issue:

              "Post-Traumatic Sam and Dean" by K. Hanna Korossy -- After Dean's return
              from Hell, the brothers must learn to work together and trust one another

              "Nighttime" by Yuma -- Nighttime in yet another hotel and Sam can't sleep...

              "Hunter's Best Friend" by JJJunky -- A burning building, a family in
              trouble, a ghost and an unlikely hero named Sammy.

              "Protect the Innocent" by Brate -- Young Sam and Dean find themselves drawn
              into a "hunt" for a ghost that turns into something they didn't expect.

              "Unnatural Causes" by K. Hanna Korossy -- A night in New Orleans turns
              deadly for Sam... or does it?

              "Praise What is Lost" by JJJunky -- While Sam is sick and down for the
              count, Dean decides to go on a hunt on his own. Always a bad idea!

              "To Infinity and Beyond" by Ann Wortham and Leah Rosenthal -- Busy with his
              own hunt, Bobby asks Sam and Dean to check in on his goddaughter and her
              little girl when the mother begins hearing voices coming from her daughter's
              room -- that always stop whenever she opens the door. Could little Bonnie's
              beloved toys, scattered throughout the room, be possessed? Was danger
              lurking around the nearest corner? Or could it be something so beyond the
              pale that it causes Dean to freak out -- and has Sam urging him to call in
              Cas for reinforcements?

              "Nephilim Night" by Jennifer M. Martin -- In this novella, Dean is deathly
              ill and Bobby tells Sam to take him to a healer of his aquaintance. What
              none of them knows is the true nature of the healer -- or what is actually
              causing Dean's illness.

              AGENT WITH STYLE
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                Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI -- deadline for pre-con orders 11:59 pm ET on May 19, 2014.   Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged!  We sell out *fast*!

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                * The Man from U.N.C.L.E. * / * The X-Files *

                REEMERGENCE 1:  THE M.I.A. AFFAIR

                          A fascinating crossover gen novel between "U.N.C.L.E." and "The X-Files," written by LRH Balzer and illustrated by Warren Oddsson, newly re-written to add 15% more story and two gorgeous art galleries!

                          Two weeks earlier, Napoleon and Illya had successfully knocked over Thrush.  Now all that was left was the clean-up.  But during the last raid on a Thrush stronghold, Napoleon and Illya are captured, and it is unlikely they will escape from this alive.  One minute, they are facing death, and the next minute, they're… gone.  Missing in action.  Presumed Dead.  But in December, 1995, two young men appear on the scene that weren't there a minute earlier...  Napoleon phones an old friend, Rick Matheson, who in turn sets up a meeting with Fox Mulder.  Mulder and Scully end up harboring two of the most out-of-place, out-of-time individuals they have ever met!


                                      * Multimedia *


                          From the amazing mind of Nina Smith comes a collection of stories whose fandoms are based in the tri-state area of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, running the gamut from "House" to "CSI: New York" to "Supernatural" and many more.  Come delve into these tales that have as their backdrop a teaching hospital, the deep, dark woods and gritty, dangerous New York City itself.  Don't miss this engaging gen zine!

                "Advanced Proofs" – (Supernatural / Wolf) -- It's only been a few weeks since Sam Winchester has left Stanford to join Dean on his road trip around the country, and the younger brother is still somewhat uneasy with Dean's 'let's *kill* something' mentality.  When they encounter werewolves in the woods of Connecticut, can Sam temper Dean's bloodthirstiness enough to hear the werewolves out?

                "So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright" – (How I Met Your Mother / Law and Order: SVU) -- When Barney Stinson attempts to pick up a woman at a museum exhibit, he watches in confused horror as she screams that he'd raped her and then jumps off a balcony to get away from him.  Detectives Benson and Stabler of SVU catch the case, but even though they're determined to get to the bottom of it, they can find no record of this rape ever having taken place.  Can Barney's friends help him discover the truth, or will they just unnecessarily complicate things even more?

                "Patience" – (House / Alias) -- Spies are running around Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, desperately searching for something called 'Gethsemane,' but Dr. Wilson isn't happy at being pistol-whipped, the three residents following one spy around are trying to discover what's happening, and Dr. Cuddy's office has become a sort of unofficial HQ.  Danger and snark seem to go hand-in-hand whenever Sydney Bristow shows up, but she may have met her match in stubborn, cranky Greg House, who just wants his Vicodin back.

                "Unreal City" – (CSI: New York / Eyes Wide Shut) -- When a current case resembles a years-old case, NYPD Detective Danny Messer delves into it, discovering more than he ever wanted to about a secret underground sex-violence-anything-goes club whose depravity reaches back centuries.  When he disappears after calling in a lead, Mac, Lindsay and Flack retrace his steps, hoping to find him before something dire happens — if it hasn't already….


                * NCIS * / * X-Files * / * Man from UNCLE *


                          In this captivating "NCIS" / "X-Files" / "Man from UNCLE " gen crossover by LRH Balzer, while investigating the execution-style murders of two Marines, NCIS Special Agents Jethro Gibbs and Tony DiNozzo end up stranded in the middle of a fierce blizzard at an isolated house and fighting for their lives along side of two men claiming to be Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin (two iconic spies from the Sixties), two former FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully (now a UFO conspiracy writer and an FBI forensics instructor), and US State Department top-level official Walter Skinner, who knows more than he's saying.  Somehow they have to get past their differences and trust each other so they can pool their knowledge and figure out what is going on and how to stop it before whatever is out there kills them.


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                * Sherlock Holmes * / * Supernatural *


                          In this thrilling, snarky "BBC Sherlock Holmes" / "Supernatural" slash crossover novel by Lady Ra, with a gorgeous color cover by KAM, while accompanying John Watson to a conference in Massachusetts, Sherlock Holmes is spending his evening alone — the last thing he wants to do is to have to play polite with any of the conference attendees at the final reception.

                          As he goes out for a midnight stroll, he comes across Dean Winchester digging up a grave, and the next thing he knows, he's battling an angry spirit, trying to keep both himself and the annoyingly mouthy hunter alive.

                          Dean isn't as appreciative as Sherlock seems to think he should be, but when John joins them after an urgent text, John is irritatingly calm about the idea of the supernatural, and Dean sees in the doctor a kindred spirit that he definitely does not find in Sherlock.

                          Unwillingly, even when Castiel appears out of nowhere to approve of the three of them joining forces, Dean takes them on the road, where Sherlock finds not only how large the United States of America is, but also the joy of immersing himself in a subject he knows nothing about, and the excitement of a whole new sort of game, ignoring Dean's and Bobby Singer's dire warnings that hunting is not a *game* at all.

                          Throughout the process, Sherlock comes face-to-face with his own hubris, with John paying a heavy price, and Dean discovers that while Castiel may be an Angel of the Lord, he's still not completely infallable — and yet all four find that love, with a little bit of encouragement, may not out of reach...


                                     * Stargate SG-1 *

                AUTHOR'S CHOICE 2 SLASH, vol. 1-6

                "Jack."   "Daniel."  An entire conversation in two words, saying more than most people can say in whole paragraphs -- but this two-name shorthand can cover many situations and mean many things, from "Please.  Shut. Up." to "I kinda love you, you idiot," and beyond.  Jack and Daniel, both as becoming a couple, and as an established two-some, are the subjects of these author's favorite stories, and they've been gathered here together in four *thick* zines, ready to delight you.  Don't miss Jack and Daniel as they fight, squabble, laugh and love their way into your heart!

                JACK'S SON 10:  RESOLUTIONS

                          From LRH Balzer comes the final chapter in this amazing series!  Set during the first week of 1999, Doug is working on fulfilling each of his New Year's Resolutions, but life keeps tripping him with thoughts of job offers and what direction his academic career should head in.  When you are five, this is all very important, especially when Batman and James Bond are involved.  Don't miss the novel that concludes this long-running gen series that ties up every loose end and leaves you with a smile on your face.

                                       AGENT WITH STYLE
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