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Lots of NEW Zines for your reading pleasure!

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  • Caroline Tigeress
    Okay kids, I ve been on a serious writing/art/collage kick and I have FIVE new zines for your perusal. Diamond in the Rough #1: A Perzine by me (Caroline
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2005
      Okay kids, I've been on a serious writing/art/collage kick and I
      have FIVE new zines for your perusal.

      Diamond in the Rough #1:
      A Perzine by me (Caroline Tigeress) that begins in Mexico a day
      before I'm about to undergo my Gastric Bypass surgery. My observations
      reguarding medicine and the hospitality of the country, as well as lots
      of humourous tidbits about my hospital stay. Text-heavy and graphics
      light, this zine might be triggering to those with compulsive eating
      disorders. Digest Sized, $2.00

      Diamond in the Rough #2:
      The continuation of my perzine, I'm still in Mexico in this
      stage, and have changed format to an all hand-written, illustraited
      format. I tell my struggle and obsession with food and how I got to be
      the size that I was from a single perspective. I get to visit a Mexican
      Mall and am introduced to the, well, frailties of Mexican plumbing
      (complete with flies and water you shouldn't drink). A must read!
      Digest Sized, $2.00

      Tails of the Altered Earth (3rd Edition) #1:
      An all new lit/furzine, Tails of the Altered Earth is an
      Illustraited story complete in one issue. In the future,
      anthropormorphic animals rule the earth, and many different factions
      exist. Join Jason, a young Bear Cub and his Mentor, Royal as they
      travel from Jason's home, away from his family for him to join the The
      Guardians, a monastic group of furs dedicated to serving the Earth
      Mother. A great zine for any furry/lit fan. Digest sized, $2.00

      Mutant Life #0:Preview:
      A Sci-Fi litzine, this issue is the introduction to the major
      characters and their perspectives. In the year 2054, Mutants are used
      by the military for the, 'public good' and are trained to become
      heroes. Join young Charlie McComber as he is 'drafted' at the tender
      age of fourteen. In exchange for his father's life, he will be taught
      to be a hero that the public will come to adore. Digest sized, $2.00

      Soixante Neuf #1:
      Erotic Litzine, Soixante Neuf has a little something for
      everyone, from straight vanilla sex to steamy lesbain bondage and
      branding. I've included a handful of my favourite stories as well as
      original cover artwork. Hot, hot hot - for adults only! Digest sized,

      As always, I'm looking for a few good distros to carry my work - if
      you're a distro and any of the titles above sound intersting to you,
      just drop me a line to caroline@... and I'll be happy
      to send you out some samples.

      All zines are $2.00 each, and may be ordered individually from:

      Caroline Tigeress
      POB 2267
      Longview, Washington 98632

      I do *some* trades, so if you want to email me we can discuss it :)


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