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New zines and song vids at AWS!

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  • Mystery Frank
    ONLY TWO MORE DAYS! The deadline for placing MediaWest pre-con orders is midnight on May 15, 2004. Our newest listings at Agent With Style:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2004
      The deadline for placing MediaWest pre-con
      orders is midnight on May 15, 2004.

      Our newest listings at Agent With Style:


      ON SALE!

      All copies of OF DREAMS AND SCHEMES 13, 14 and 17 (gen Multimedia),
      as well as RULES OF THE GAME 5 (gen Highlander), are on sale for
      $10.00 in person, $14.00 (US), $18.00 (Can/Mex) and $19.00
      (overseas). Don't miss out!


      *Anime and Original*

      MAS-ZINE 5, VOLS. 1 and 2

      (available in printed zine and CD formats) If you like M/M romance
      with non-consensual and violent elements, then these slash zines are
      for you! These stories, containing both yaoi and original fiction,
      deal with controversial topics like M/M rape, non-consensual sex,
      abuse, hurt/comfort and dominant/submissive relationships, set off
      with thoughtful themes, creative characterization, skillful style and
      plots that'll make your heart pound so hard you'll need to splash
      water on yourself afterwards!


      *Battlestar Galactica*


      Molukai was a crossroads planet, approximately midway between the
      Colonial Alliance and the Delphian Empire, the center of a vast trade
      network that spanned several quadrants. A single planet with one
      natural satellite, circling an old red star, it had been inhabited by
      a succession of space-faring non-native sapient species for over
      fifty milliennia. The system maintained a precarious neutrality in
      the Colonial-Cylon War, while struggling to retain its independence
      from the growing, militaristic Delphian Empire. But now, a Cylon
      force was threatening the system's autonomy; and, to prevent an
      outright takeover, the Fifth Colonial Fleet, led by Commander Cain
      and the battlestar Pegasus, was ordered to "visit" the beseiged
      Molukai on a "goodwill" mission. What became of that mission -- and
      of the Fifth Fleet itself -- is the story of this engrossing gen
      novel from Lee Gaul and Sharon Monroe. Beautifully illustrated by
      Joan Hanke Woods, it's an epic tale of adventure, combat, treachery
      and heroism. Don't miss it!

      BLUE ONE

      The editors of PURPLE AND ORANGE? (soon to be added to our webpage)
      were frequently asked to publish "blue" stories (those of a more
      adult nature) in their zines, but they resisted, not wanting to
      change the focus of that wonderful series. So they decided to do an
      entire zine of "blues" just so these authors would have someplace to
      put their adult gen stories! Come see a side of Apollo, Starbuck,
      Boomer and the rest of the Colonials that you've never seen before.
      When the lights go out, all bets are off!


      *Lord of the Rings*


      In this wonderful novel written by Catherine Schlein, the story
      follows Pippin and Merry (with the help of Gimli and Legolas)
      as they try to keep Sam from leaving Middle Earth for Valinor. The
      fate of the Shire hangs in the balance and the two must enlist the
      help of a friend who is very far away. This is a post-"The Return of
      the King" novel that finds a new balance for the Fellowship. Don't
      miss it!


      In Gondor, two men's names stand out as bastions of bravery --
      Boromir and Faramir. Brothers in blood as well as brothers in arms,
      these men grew up together, sharing childhood lives and adult
      consequences. Written by Susan Bartholomew, the gen stories in this
      zine range from when Faramir and Boromir were children to the ends of
      their lives, wrapping in and around the movies to show what happened
      where the camera *wasn't*. Don't miss this wonderful zine!


      *Magnificent 7*


      Legends get bigger every time they're retold, but every legend has a
      kernel of truth and a basis in fact. Come meet the Seven--dodging
      bullets, saving each other's lives, and doing things that make them
      legends in their own time! A fantastic slash zine!




      Includes Lord of the Rings, Highlander, Emergency, Starsky and Hutch,
      Real Ghostbusters, Adventure Inc. Planet of the Apes.....and more!
      Flights of fancy and tales of dastardly derring-do fill the pages of
      this gen anthology zine. Come join in the fun!


      How strong do the women on our favorite shows dare to be? Strong
      enough! This gen zine contains stories focused on women who refuse
      to back down and refuse to be overwhelmed by the men in their lives.
      These stories show that the women can run with the big boys, and look
      twice as good doing it! Proceeds from this gen zine go to the Susan
      G. Komen Foundation to support breast cancer research. So, buy a
      zine, be entertained, and help support a wonderful cause--all at the
      same time!


      *The Sentinel*


      In this wonderful A/U novel by Stormy Stormheller, with a gorgeous
      color cover by Genie Chua, when an insane army general threatens
      Cascade with biological terrorism, FBI bio-chem expert Dr. Blair
      Sandburg is recruited to help stop him. To infiltrate the renegade's
      command center on Storm Island, a cross-functional incursion team is
      formed, among them a menacing and mysterious convict, Jim Ellison.
      When the terrorists capture most of the team, Blair must turn to
      Ellison to complete the mission. Will Sandburg and Ellison be able to
      stop the madman and save Cascade?


      If you're looking for solid, well-written "Sentinel" stories that
      will pull you in with every turn of the page, don't miss these gen


      *Song Vids*


      From Diana Williams comes a collection of song vids that has often
      brought con audiences to their feet in cheering and applause. In
      true 'I love *all* fandoms' style, this set includes multimedia clips
      ranging from "The Sentinel" to "Lord of the Rings" to "Harry Potter,"
      accompanied by some of the hottest songs out there. Don't miss this
      wonderful collection!


      *Stargate SG-1*


      When the stargate, or the chaapa'ai, as the Abydonians call it
      (pronounced "chap-ah-eye"), opens with a KA-WOOSH!, you never know
      who or what is coming through. Friend or foe, it could be anyone!
      Who has access to a stargate and what wonders could they share? In
      this amazing gen zine, come along with SG-1 as Jack, Daniel, Sam and
      Teal'c explore the universe through the chaapa'ai!


      *Star Trek (TOS)*

      ANTARES 12

      This lovely digest-sized gen zine is dedicated to canonical "Star
      Trek" fan fiction. The contents range from hurt/comfort to
      relationship-driven stories, from action/adventure to light-hearted
      comedy, and each of the tales continues ANTARES' tradition of
      excellence while remaining true to "Star Trek" itself.


      Dozens of fandoms. Hundreds of zines.
      Check us out! www.agentwithstyle.com
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