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751New gen Supernatural zine at AWS!

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  • Agent With Style
    May 21, 2012
      Agent With Style is pleased to announce an engaging new
      Supernatural novel by IMTheresa!


      If there's one thing the Winchesters know, it's how to keep
      secrets-secrets from the world, from each other, and even from themselves.
      But everyone has a breaking point, a place where the weight they're carrying
      overcomes them.

      In the alternate universe created by IMTheresa, Sam, Dean and
      John get pulled into an investigation of strange occurrences in and around
      John's adopted hometown in the mountains of North Carolina. And in the
      midst of the chaos, they each realize the weight they're carrying is
      becoming unman-ageable and will soon be too much to handle. Family means
      everything to the Winchesters, but can each of them lower his walls enough
      to let someone else in and share the burden?

      Don't miss this thrilling new zine!

      Now available for ordering from the AWS website --

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