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749New gen Sweeney Todd zine at AWS!

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  • Agent With Style
    May 19, 2012
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      Agent With Style is proud to offer an amazing zine that's been
      nominated for a Fan Q award:


      Written by Erika Frensley, this gen zine contains two crossover
      adventures of Sweeney Todd, which take the Demon Barber of Fleet Street to
      new and strange places.

      "Dead Man's Razor" -- Lost at sea on his return to London, Sweeney
      Todd is picked up by the one ship he never expected -- the Flying Dutchman.

      "Sweeney Todd and the Other Anthony" -- The League of the Scarlet
      Pimpernel was renowned as a band of swashbuckling adventurers decades before
      the Demon Barber of Fleet Street's bloody deeds of vengeance. But as Sweeney
      Todd is about to discover, they aren't dead yet.

      Available now for mail order on our site -- www.agentwithstyle.com

      The deadline for MediaWest pre-con orders has passed, but if you
      have *already* placed an order with us for this year's con, you can add this
      wonderful zine to your order. Get yours today!

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