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RE: [facetedclassification] Re: Ontology vs. taxonomy

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  • roebuckr
    I agree with this assessment. By form of structure , I m considering architecture as the appropriate term for that form. If you consider structure of a
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      I agree with this assessment. By "form of structure", I'm considering
      "architecture" as the appropriate term for that form.

      If you consider "structure" of a thing (a named/identified thing,
      specifically) as being the infinitely complex (i.e., fractal), implicate
      arrangement of the parts of the thing (i.e., its parts and their
      relationships") in nature, the thing's reality, then "architecture" is the
      subset of that thing's infinite structure that we can:

      * perceive via our senses (animal and/or technically-extended) and
      thoughts (individual and/or group imaginings),

      * model mentally (perhaps reflecting the way the brain works) and/or
      as a record (via diagramming as in directed labeled graphs (DLG), via
      structured text such as RDF/OWL triples, or in unstructured text by tagging,
      linking, etc.), and

      * sometimes share (via gesture, image, word) via our body (via
      voice, eye, gesture, etc.) or our technological extensions of that body
      (e.g., tele-things such as drums to smoke signals to Internet).

      >From this perspective, everyone builds an "architecture" of their world
      (with all of their unique facets/views/vantage points), and sometimes shares
      that architecture with others (via stories, societal constraints, , mind
      maps (as taxonomies) concept maps (as rudimentary semantic models, data
      models, and ontologies), etc.) Thus an architecture also fits the definition
      of an ontology (a "model of how something works", or in more AI specific
      terms, a "specification of a conceptualization", or "details of a perceived

      Roy Roebuck

      Enterprise Engineer, Context Engineer, Enterprise Architect

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      > In any case, they are all forms of controlled vocabulary, an

      > traditional aspect of library science.

      I would suggest that, more generally, they are all forms of

      structure. They are ways of giving form and arrangement to

      information. They make certain elements, patterns, and relationships

      explicit, revealing what is otherwise implicit, latent, or tacit.

      In this admittedly broad view (perhaps overbroad), a CV has much in

      common with a navigation scheme.


      Karl Fast



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