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Re: [facetedclassification] Classifying Digital Photos with ACDSee 6.0

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  • Andrew Hallam
    Hi David, Beginners enthusiasm got the better of me. :-) I m not familiar with the products you mention, but I wish I d found your list yesterday! Thanks for
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 23 3:15 AM
      Hi David,

      Beginners enthusiasm got the better of me. :-) I'm not familiar with the
      products you mention, but I wish I'd found your list yesterday! Thanks
      for the URI to www.controlledvocabulary.com.

      As you say, the ACDSee categories are not true facets, but with a bit of
      discipline I think they should be able to be used in a similar fashion
      (which is what I wanted).

      It's an interesting design trade-off. A consumer product has to be
      flexible enough for anyone to be able to use it in almost any way that
      suits them (i.e. minimal constraints). Whereas, a product for
      information professionals can be more constrained.

      BTW, I forgot to mention that I have no links with ACD Systems
      what-so-ever, apart from now being a customer. I paid full price.

      Andrew Hallam

      Solution Architect
      Digital Earth Pty Ltd

      David Riecks wrote:

      > At 12:52 PM 1/23/2004 +1100, Andrew Hallam wrote:
      >>Anyone interested in digital photography might like to know that ACDSee
      >>6.0 allows the user to define categories that can be used like facets.
      >>You can tag each image with any number of categories and then use them
      >>to filter and search your photo collection. The out-of-the-box
      >>categories are:
      > Andrew:
      > This isn't really anything "new" IMHO. Canto Cumulus has had this same
      > facility for several years. If you organize your folders in a similar
      > logical structure it will pick the folder names for use as "categories"
      > with a specific field in the database dedicated to such. You can also then
      > assign the same image to multiple Categories as you please. I believe
      > iMatch does much the same.
      > There are links to those mentioned above as well as several of the more
      > popular image database programs (including a review) on my Controlled
      > Vocabulary site in the imagedatabase section
      > (http://www.ControlledVocabulary.com/imagedatabases/).
      > In addition, the "File Info" feature in photoshop, as well as a number of
      > IPTC editors
      > (http://www.ControlledVocabulary.com/imagedatabases/iptc_naa.html) allow
      > you to "tag" an image with multiple keywords to aid in retrieval.
      > At their core I don't think any of these qualify as a strict "faceted
      > classification" system, but it is one way to get the job done.
      > David
      > David Riecks (that's "i" before "e", but the "e" is silent)
      > david@... http://www.riecks.com/
      > Midwest/Chicago ASMP * ph/fax 877-646-5375
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