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TDD and designing first

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  • Forrest Chang
    In response to Gary s ... This might be part of your problem. A lot of folks have a hard time swallowing something new if they aren t show concretely that it
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2004
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      In response to Gary's
      > > Allan,
      > >
      > > Have you done TDD long enough to get good at it?
      > >
      > > Gary Brown
      > >
      Allen wrote:
      > Nope, not yet ... we've started partially doing TDD
      > and we'll be doing
      > more and more of it as I manage to convince and
      > convert our

      This might be part of your problem. A lot of folks
      have a hard time swallowing something new if they
      aren't show concretely that it helps. Consequently,
      what works well is to have someone TDD something live
      in real time in front of them, and have them come up
      with a tested solution in probably less time than the
      audience. Seeing is believing.

      This may backfire, as the audience might say, "sure
      YOU can do it, how about us?", which has happened to
      me in exactly this situation.

      Maybe you should TDD in your spare time so you can
      give such a demo.

      > developers; management isn't worried about TDD or
      > non-TDD, so this is
      > something that I'm introducing. And along the way I
      > hope we'll all get
      > good at it ... as they say, practice makes perfect.

      Related to the original inquiry, TDD is designing
      before coding. To write a good test you need to think
      about how to have a good interface, and what it should
      do. The key difference is that TDD is a very tight
      feedback loop of software develop, design a small part
      by making a test for it, implement it, repeat. So you
      do design, just a little at a time. A key difference
      is that you are able to feedback any knowledge you
      gain from trying to implement back into the design as
      you go, as opposed to months after the design document
      was written..


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