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  • Emma Donlon
    Agile Alliance Europe in conjunction with Exoftware and Agile Systems is pleased to announce the inaugural Netherlands Agile Special Interest Group - or Agile
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2004
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      Agile Alliance Europe in conjunction with Exoftware and Agile Systems is
      pleased to announce the inaugural Netherlands Agile Special Interest Group -
      or Agile SIG. The aim of the Netherlands Agile SIG is to bring IT and
      business together in a forum to discuss, and share experiences and practises
      in Agile Software development.

      We will hold these SIGs infrequently, and therefore ensure high quality,
      best in class presentations and seminars around Agile techniques and
      thinking. This meeting is a must for anyone with an interest in Agile.

      Who should attend and why?
      Software delivery professionals involved in the development of and delivery
      of business critical systems, who are interested in learning more about
      Agile methods and how they can support rapidly changing business needs.

      We would encourage business people with responsibility for initiating
      software development projects to attend and learn more about extracting
      business value using Agile software development.

      18.00-18.30 Registration and Overview

      18.30-19.30 David Putman and Peter Schrier, Exoftware

      Intro to Agile
      David and Peter will evaluate traditional software development, and detail
      what is working and what is not. They will uncover how Agile processes can
      address software issues and outline the principles behind the Agile

      As part of this introduction, we will examine a real case in Agile, using a
      real user story from a current Exoftware development project. The case will
      look at an initial user story presentation, estimation, scheduling, delivery
      of acceptance tests, and implementation through "Test Driven Development".

      About David Putman
      David's role as Mentor has taken him to a variety of organisations, where he
      has acted as an advisor on the management of software development projects
      to companies in three continents. His work continues to give him interesting
      and practical examples of all kinds of management and software development

      About Peter Schrier
      Peter Schrier is a software development coach and mentor with wide ranging
      experience with Agile methodologies such as Extreme Programming and Scrum.
      He has worked with companies all over the Netherlands as a mentor and coach
      and has an extensive array of experience with languages, infrastructure and

      19.30-19.45 Break
      17.45-18.30 Marko van der Puil, ZeelandNet

      A project manager at ZeelandNet, Marko van der Puil has been successful in
      facilitating a merger between five software development departments by
      introducing agile development methods based on the XP values, principles and
      practises. In his presentation Marko will speak about his experiences with
      choosing a software development method for a full service internet provider.

      Many types of applications are built within the company, in a small number
      of development groups. He will show us why there was a need for implementing
      a software development method, how they did their selection process and why
      they chose an Agile method. He will conclude his presentation with details
      on what they have achieved by implementing the Agile approach.

      About Marko van der Puil
      Marko van der Puil is a project manager with ZeelandNet BV. He is currently
      focusing on coaching his team to increase their effectiveness and competitve
      edge, for example by organising sessions and workshops. He believes agile
      development gives his team an unique business advantage over competitors. He
      is actively involved in the Dutch XP users group.

      29 September 2004
      Cost: FREE
      Nieuwegein Business Centre, Blokhoeve 13438 LC Nieuwegein

      Sponsored by: Exoftware

      Register at

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