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  • Emma Donlon
    Agile Alliance Europe in conjunction with Exoftware and the British Swiss Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the inaugural Zurich Agile Special
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2004
      Agile Alliance Europe in conjunction with Exoftware and the British Swiss
      Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the inaugural Zurich Agile
      Special Interest Group – or Agile SIG. The aim of the Zurich Agile SIG is to
      bring IT and business together in a forum to discuss, and share experiences
      and practises in Agile Software development.

      We will hold these SIGs infrequently, and therefore ensure high quality,
      best in class presentations and seminars around Agile techniques and
      thinking. This meeting is a must for anyone with an interest in Agile.

      Who should attend and why?
      Software delivery professionals involved in the development of and delivery
      of business critical systems, who are interested in learning more about
      Agile methods and how they can support rapidly changing business needs.

      We would encourage business people with responsibility for initiating
      software development projects to attend and learn more about extracting
      business value using Agile software development. Spaces are limited, so
      please pre-register by filling in the form at

      16.30-17.00 Registration and Overview

      17.00-17.45 David Putman and Will Stott, Exoftware

      David Putman and Will Stott (Exoftware) explain how Agile projects are run
      in organisations like Hewlett-Packard, CMG-Logica and Intel. They describe
      how Agile practices can deliver true value to organisations:
      - What are Agile principles and values. How do they benefit teams.
      - Introducing tools and techniques like Test-driven development
      - Sample development episode from a real project; planning, testing,

      About David Putman
      David's role as Mentor has taken him to a variety of organisations, where he
      has acted as an advisor on the management of software develoipment projects
      to companies in three continents. His work continues to give him interesting
      and practical examples of all kinds of management and software development

      About Will Stott
      Will Stott has worked as a Mentor for Exoftware since September 2003, after
      working for 20 years as a contract software developer, mainly in the
      Financial Services sector. He has spoken about Agile testing at several
      conferences, including the BCS SIG in Software Testing (London, March 2004).

      17.45-18.30 Mark Kennedy, BNP Paribas

      Mark Kennedy (BNP Paribas) talks about his experiences as a project manager
      transitioning a team to Agile development.
      - Outlining the obstacles and difficulties encountered, how they overcame
      - The benefits his team gained from working in an Agile environment.
      - The challenges that BNP Paribas face going forward and how they will be

      About Mark Kennedy
      Mark Kennedy is a project manager at BNP Paribas, one of the world's top
      banking groups. In his own words, Mark has found XP to be a revelation and
      has allowed his team to grow into one of the most successful in the group.
      Now a passionate advocate of XP, Mark believes his experience to date will
      take his team to even greater heights and ultimately revolutionise the way
      his organisation will approach software development.

      28 September 2004
      Cost: FREE
      Technopark, Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zurich
      In Association:

      Sponsored by: Exoftware
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