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Re: [XP] Is XP appropriate for my project

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    From: wes_graves Sent: Monday, August 09, 2004 10:47 AM Subject: [XP] Is XP appropriate for my project
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      From: "wes_graves" <wes_graves.at.yahoo.ca@...>
      Sent: Monday, August 09, 2004 10:47 AM
      Subject: [XP] Is XP appropriate for my project

      > Hi there,
      > I am working on a fairly small, but complicated project. I will be
      > the only full-time resource with two other part-time expert users.
      > They will be the people I go to for strategic direction, but the day
      > to day stuff will be in my full control.
      > I want to have a methodology in place because eventually this project
      > will expand and more people will come on board. Also, I want to
      > ensure that I am keeping on schedule and maintaining my focus and
      > scope. Basically I need something to help keep me on track.
      > The two part-time resources are not onsite and I work from home. The
      > project is a web based HR type solution that will be implemented in
      > phases that will gradually build up the functionality of the product.
      > I have looked at XP, SCRUM and Crystal Clear and have not really
      > seen anything that made one standout from the other for my particular
      > purposes. Does anyone have any suggestions?

      The primary difference between XP and Scrum is the software engineering
      methodology - that is, Scrum does not specify how you do your
      day to day development tasks; it focuses almost completely on the
      project management. XP includes specific development methodologies,
      including TDD (test driven development), continuous integration
      and executable acceptance tests (FIT and FitNesse are the current
      tools in that area.) I'm not as familiar with Crystal, but I believe it is
      the same as Scrumm in that regard.

      The biggest question is whether you're willing to accept the
      discipline that XP imposes in terms of actual development
      tasks. If you are, it will serve you well.

      There's a good discussion of using XP by yourself on:


      John Roth

      > Thanks,
      > Wes Graves
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