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Re: Language Choice (was: [XP] Chess XP Project: User stories)

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  • William Wake
    ... will be ... literature I ve ... might ... There s some discussion of this in Extreme Programming Explained , around p.55 where the planning game is
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 4, 2000
      --- In extremeprogramming@egroups.com, "Berkowitz, Steven"
      <steven.berkowitz@a...> wrote:
      > This post got me wondering what language this proposed Chess game
      will be
      > written in. Which led me to the larger questions of:
      > 1) When is programming language determined for an XP project?
      > 2) Who decides?
      > I haven't seen these questions addressed in any of the XP
      > seen, but I've only been reading this stuff for about a month, so I
      > well have missed it.

      There's some discussion of this in "Extreme Programming Explained",
      around p.55 where the planning game is discussed. Technical people
      to explain the technical consequences of a strategic business
      decision. Kent uses the example of choosing a database, but the same
      thing applies to programming languages. (APL++ may be a great
      language, but the business makes the decision about whether its
      productivity is balanced by the fact that only 3 people can use it.)

      The business has to pay for the tools, hire the people, assess
      it will be in use for ten years, and so on. Since they're taking the
      risk, it's fair that they get to choose.

      (And yes, I push for my favorite language when it's time, but I
      realize it's not my call.)

      --Bill Wake
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