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RE: [XP] Reluctance to New Ideas

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  • Scott Jackson
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      "Gentile, Sam" wrote:

      > In my new company here, I want to use Extreme Programming like I have in
      > past. When I gave my manager the materials I was told "We have an existing
      > process and it works very well. We ship products on schedule. I'm not
      > to change it." They were talking about Unit Tests being a mess and I was
      > trying to come at it from the standpoint of XP's great testing methods.
      > ideas?

      Some managers are very afraid of change. Introducing a new way of working is
      an attack on the existing proces. If your manager is really happy with the
      proces, the chance you going to succeed are rather small. Other answers
      suggest an
      guerrilla idea war. I think that's a very bad idea, since you keep on
      attacking the
      proces of the manager. Maybe you just have to concluded that this company
      isn't ready
      yet for a totally different approach.

      The best thing you can do is getting a project you can manage by yourself.
      Then you
      can show the manager that your way of working is better. But if he's the
      manager and
      he doesn't want to try something different, maybe you should search a
      company that
      better suits you.

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