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Re: [APM] Re: http://www.agileconference.org/organisers.asp

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  • Sinan Si Alhir
    ... Actually, Agility (and especially Business Agility ) pre-dates XP, etc. ... From: To: ;
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2004
      > I find it interesting that the DSDM community has upped the bar to include
      > business

      Actually, "Agility" (and especially "Business Agility") pre-dates XP, etc.

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      > >> Agile Business Conference:
      > >> http://www.agileconference.org/organisers.asp
      > >> note the URL and the organizers!!!
      > > yes. a very sore point.
      > --->
      > On the one hand, I understand the surprise and dismay ...
      > on the other hand, which I take as the more important, this is just
      > as usual."
      > I am not terribly sympathetic to the view of "we got here first, the stage
      > belongs to us, stop diluting the brand, etc etc." which has surfaced in
      > various agile subgroups when faced with a bit of creative competition.
      > In business, competition is the order of the day. Someone has a cuter
      > moves faster, is better linked with the sources of money and power, etc
      > This is how XP and Agile got started in the first place.
      > I find it interesting that the DSDM community has upped the bar to include
      > business, has nabbed the generic Agile Conference URL, and moved ahead in
      > dimension.
      > But is that bad or wicked?
      > No, they intend to installing the same or similar concepts as the rest of
      > and if they succeed, then the entire world will be better off. So bully
      > them, as they say.
      > If anyone is unhappy, it is now up to them to invent the next move in the
      > game ....
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