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Re: [XP] Testing experiences

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  • Ron Jeffries
    ... I, too, think it s overkill. If the board can t fail (and it probably can t), then you need to test that pieces don t try to move off the edge of an empty
    Message 1 of 66 , Aug 1, 2000
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      At 08:10 AM 8/1/2000 -0500, Steve Willer wrote:
      >I can then try
      > > and move every piece to every square, signaling a broken test if
      > > a move should be legal, and it is not; or if a move should not be
      > > legal, but it is. This gives a total of up to 32 (pieces) * 64 (squares)
      > > = 2048 tests! Even though having so many tests gives me a warm and
      > > fuzzy feeling inside, I have a feeling this is overkill.

      I, too, think it's overkill. If the board can't fail (and it probably
      can't), then you need to test that pieces don't try to move off the edge of
      an empty board, and that path-checking works, and that pieces know they can
      capture pieces of opposite color, and can't share space with their own
      color. It seems to me that you wouldn't check an array object to see if it
      could hold items at every location - why check whether a piece can move
      from and to every location?

      But, you must always test until you are comfortable that you've tested
      enough. Trust your fear, and explore it to see what you're afraid you're


      Ron Jeffries
    • Mark Wilden
      ... From: Robert C. Martin ... No, I hate you. :) That s a bit too clever (i.e. I m not clever enough!).
      Message 66 of 66 , Aug 14, 2000
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        ----- Original Message -----
        From: "Robert C. Martin" <rmartin@...>
        > >
        > > Sorry to be dense, but what is MT?
        > You're going to hate yourself. MT is an abbreviation for "empty".

        No, I hate you. :) That's a bit too clever (i.e. I'm not clever enough!).
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