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Edinburgh Agile SIG, May 24, 2004

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  • Emma Donlon
    Edinburgh Agile Special Interest Group (SIG) Monday, 24th May at 19.00 – 22.00, Drinks reception to follow Royal Pharmaceutical Society, 36 York Place,
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      Edinburgh Agile Special Interest Group (SIG)
      Monday, 24th May at 19.00 – 22.00, Drinks reception to follow
      Royal Pharmaceutical Society, 36 York Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3HU

      Register at http://www.agileallianceeurope.org/uk_home/edinburghsiginfo

      In association with Agile Allliance Europe

      The Edinburgh Agile SIG aims to separate the reality from the hype and allow
      software professionals to learn about what it really means to become agile.
      Barry Boehm and Richard Turner, authors of the book “Balancing Agility and
      Discipline: A guide for the Perplexed”, will talk about clear guidelines
      they have worked out for determining where on a continuum a particular
      software development project is located - and therefore, how agile or
      disciplined a manager's chosen methodology can or has to be.

      Who should attend and why?
      Software delivery professionals involved in the development of and delivery
      of business critical systems, who are interested in learning more about
      Agile methods and how they can support rapidly changing business needs. We
      would encourage you to bring your business colleagues or customers along


      19.00 – 19.00, Registration and Overview

      19.30 – 21.00, Barry Boehm, Professor of Software Engineering and Richard
      Turner, Research Professor in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering
      Balancing Agility and Discipline: A Guide for the Perplexed

      Using a day in the life of two development teams and groundbreaking case
      studies, Barry and Richard will illustrate the differences and similarities
      between agile and plan-driven methods, and show that the best development
      strategies have ways to combine both attributes.

      About Barry Boehm
      Barry Boehm is the TRW professor of software engineering and director of the
      USC Center for Software Engineering; he earlier served as director of the
      DARPA Information Science and Technology Office and as a chief scientist at
      TRW. Dr. Boehm's contributions to the field include the Constructive Cost
      Model (COCOMO), the Spiral Model of the software process, the Theory W
      (win-win) approach to software management and requirements determination,
      and his classic book, Software Engineering Economics (Prentice Hall, 1981).

      About Richard Turner
      Richard Turner, a research professor in engineering management and systems
      engineering at the George Washington University, approaches balanced
      software development and acquisition with broad industry and government
      experience and a sceptical attitude toward best practices. In support of the
      U.S. Department of Defence, he is responsible for identifying and
      transitioning new software technology into the development and acquisition
      of complex, software-intensive defence systems. Dr. Turner was on the
      original author team for Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and is
      co-author off CMMI Distilled, Second Edition (Addison-Wesley, 2004).

      21.00 Break

      21.15 – 22.00 Panel Discussion

      22.00 Drinks TBD

      Register at http://www.agileallianceeurope.org/uk_home/edinburghsiginfo

      Kind Regards,

      Emma Donlon
      GEC Taylor's Lane
      Dublin 8
      P: +353 (0)1 4100705
      F: +353 (0)1 4100520
      W: www.exoftware.com

      Ireland House Business Centre
      Ireland House
      150/151 New Bond Street
      London W1S 2TX
      P: +44 (0)20 7493 1805
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