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  • Sean Hanly
    This seemed like an appropriate thread to promote a workshop I am co-hosting at this years XP2004 conference, called Designing the Ultimate Acceptance Testing
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2004
      This seemed like an appropriate thread to promote a workshop I am
      co-hosting at this years XP2004 conference, called "Designing the
      Ultimate Acceptance Testing Framework". Don't pay too much attention to
      the "Ultimate" this is just to encourage open brain storming and
      discussion. There is also a wiki just setup to support this at,

      Directly relevant to this conversation are some links describing
      patterns we have captured on our own AT experience using a framework we
      have evolved called Actor. See
      http://draco.exoftware.com/cgi-bin/XP2004Wiki/wiki.pl?ActorFramework and
      in particular


      Designing the Ultimate Acceptance Testing Framework
      The purpose of this workshop is to generate a prioritised set of features
      and user stories for the “Ultimate Acceptance Testing Framework”

      In recent times there has been a noticeable development in the body of
      knowledge around the concept of “Automated Acceptance Testing” as
      described by Extreme Programming. In particular frameworks have begun to
      evolve that address the needs of automated acceptance-testing. However,
      most if not all of these frameworks are in their infancy. The concept
      behind this workshop is to draw on participants experience to identify
      the features of such a framework were it to be fully mature i.e. the
      “Ultimate Automated Acceptance Testing Framework”.

      Intended Audience
      Candidates should have experience from either of two perspectives.
      Firstly, involved in the creation of automated acceptance-testing frameworks
      or secondly, users or desired users of acceptance-testing frameworks.

      Benefits for Attendees
      Audience participants will get a chance to see what the current state of
      the art is on the automated-acceptance testing front and what direction it is
      taking. In addition, participants will get a chance to share in others experience
      and see what they see as the required features for an automated acceptance-testing

      Workshop Outline

      Presentation of current and desired acceptance-testing requirements with
      the desired goal of generating a prioritized list of features.

      1. Give an overview of the current state of the art in terms of existing
      2. Through an open and critical discussion discuss these and other
      desired features
      3. Generate a prioritized list of features that would make up an
      idealized automated acceptance testing framework

      Proposed Workshop Format

      Pre Workshop - Have all participants read each other’s position papers.
      - Part 1 – Participants will give a 5-minute overview outlining their
      solutions or requirements as the case may be. Participants are encouraged to
      bring along interactive demos, prototypes etc.
      - Part 2 – From this participants, through an open and critical
      discussion, will generate a list of possible features.
      - Part 3 – Participants will then be allowed to spend an amount of
      virtual cash on these features as means of generating a list of prioritized
      - Post Workshop – Publish the prioritized list as a feature request for
      “The Ultimate Automated Acceptance Testing Framework”. The rational behind the
      decisions will also be published.

      daveflows wrote:

      >There's a debate raging at my company about the merrits of using
      >particular tools as the basis of automated Acceptance Tests. The
      >development community (who are working on XP based projects
      >using .Net) favour writing Acceptance Tests as part of the Test
      >Driven Development cycle using tools such as FIT or FAT. However as
      >a legacy of the companies previous life as a waterfall shop we also
      >has a large group of 'Testers' that test applications prior to them
      >going live. Their preferance leans towards a tool written by Mercury
      >called WinRunner in which they have a great deal of vested skills...
      >Open Source Tool's supported by developers or commercial tool
      >supported by testers - Views appreciated....
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