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Re: Why I love XPers....

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  • barryfazackerley
    ... expensive ... EnterpriseXP is not proprietary it will be open. ... profit ... laughable, ... thing at ... actual ... in sharing ... on ... intermediate
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 27, 2004
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      --- In extremeprogramming@yahoogroups.com, "Kay Pentecost"
      <tranzpupy@i...> wrote:
      > Hi, Everybody,
      > I've been reading but not responding to the thread on Enterprise XP.
      > It represents something I don't like: building a proprietary and
      > way to market XP.

      EnterpriseXP is not proprietary it will be open.

      > The fact that they could expect any "months" of work for this "non-
      > company to become a Thought LeaderTM is ludicrous..absurd,
      > ridiculous, preposterous, asinine and irrational.
      > But I'm not going to go there.
      > I don't see Joshua, IndustialXP and Industrial Logic as the same
      thing at
      > all.
      > We Xpers (if I may include myself, by culture, if not currently by
      > practice) have an open-hearted, open-minded generousity of spirit
      in sharing
      > our ideas... look at the Wiki, at this List, and any number of other
      > examples... the articles on Object Mentor's site, the many articles
      > Xprogramming.com, the total willingness to help the newbie, the
      > *even* if all she's doing is Visual Basic...
      > I have experienced the generousity of this community in many
      ways... and
      > most of that the generousity of Joshua Kerievsky -- who literally
      gave me
      > the shirt off his back... Thank you, Josh, and I'll never wash that
      > <grin>
      > Kay
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