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  • willem van den ende
    Debra, thank you for your reaction and your request for feedback. I will ask my friend for the name of the speaker and contact you off-list. kind regards,
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 26, 2004

      thank you for your reaction and your request for feedback. I will ask my
      friend for the name of the speaker and contact you off-list.

      kind regards,

      Willem van den Ende - http://www.cq2.nl

      On Monday 26 April 2004 15:51, debracaldow wrote:
      > Willem
      > I understand from your posting that you appear to suggest that the
      > DSDM Consortium be held responsible for the inappropriate actions of
      > a speaker. Whilst we cannot reasonably be expected to ensure this
      > sort of thing never happens this type of behaviour is unacceptable
      > and I would be obliged if you (or your friend who attended the
      > conference) would forward to me at (debra@...) the name of the
      > speaker or the presentation title. The DSDM Consortium takes this
      > feedback seriously and we wish to investigate this further and if the
      > allegation is proven ensure this person is not invited to
      > speak at future DSDM events.
      > As for the pricing issue this conference was organised by the DSDM
      > Consortium Benelux, but like all the autonomous DSDM consortia this
      > is a not-for-profit organisation so prices are set to cover event
      > expenses not result in a profit.
      > Also re your comment on the licensing and secrecy, the two are not
      > synonymous. There are publications on DSDM available to anyone which
      > cover all the concepts, techniques etc. There is also plenty of open
      > access information available on the website. We acknowledge that not
      > everyone agrees with our business model but as a not-for-profit
      > organisation our focus is on putting the membership/license fees back
      > into developing the products which will provide business benefits to
      > all our members. We also believe the collegiate model we operate
      > under helps ensure the quality of the method remains strong.
      > Debra Caldow
      > Marketing Manager DSDM Consortium
      > --- In extremeprogramming@yahoogroups.com, willem van den ende
      > <willem@c...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I am also not so fond of the licensing and secrecy model of DSDM,
      > even though
      > DSDM itself contains some decent ideas.
      > > I'm sure that we can learn from them. Some of their business
      > practices are
      > > not consistent with the XP dissemination model. They have a
      > secrecy, only
      > > available to licensee thing that I think is not the XP style.
      > Let me illustrate the above with an example: A friend of mine
      > recently went to
      > the DSDM conference (which has quite a steep entrance fee, compared
      > to e.g.
      > XP day Benelux and london - more comparable for what you'd pay for a
      > course)
      > in the Netherlands. Het told me one of the presenters refused to
      > answer a
      > question (the question the session was basically about). The
      > presenter said,
      > that if you wanted the answer, you had to hire him for consulting...
      > I used to work for a DSDM consortium member, and was, frankly,
      > unimpressed
      > with the written material... But if you're not a member, how do you
      > know?
      > Willem van den Ende - http://www.cq2.nl
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