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ANN: XPSD April meeting tomorrow

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  • June Clarke
    The topic for month’s presentation at eXtreme Programming San Diego will be Introduction to Test Driven Development . The meeting will take place tomorrow,
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      The topic for month�s presentation at eXtreme
      Programming San Diego will be "Introduction to Test
      Driven Development". The meeting will take place
      tomorrow, April 1st, at Alaris Medical (see below for
      directions) from 6-8PM. Phlip; a local TDD guru will
      be giving the presentation.

      Test Driven Development (TDD) is an evolutionary
      approach to software development which involves first
      writing a test that fails before writing any new
      functional code. This lifecycle has been shown to
      allow simple design principles to emerge into advanced
      and flexible object models. TDD is a discipline which
      should be investigated and used by any serious
      software engineer who wishes to avoid buggy and
      tightly coupled code.

      Phlip Plumlee has many years of experience in TDD and
      is currently writing a book on using TDD to create
      advanced Graphical User Interfaces under the Kent Beck
      signature series.

      This is an open meeting; invite anyone interested in
      XP or TDD. Please RSVP by replying to this email
      (joonspoon@...) so that an appropriately sized
      room can be scheduled.

      We will be meeting at Alaris Medical, 10221 Wateridge
      Circle. For directions, see
      Thanks to Nobuo Fukaya for kindly allowing us to use
      Alaris's site.


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