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  • Alleman, Glen B.
    Alistair, Here s a core problem. One dictionary definition of agile is Characterized by quickness, lightness, and ease of movement; nimble. Agile is
    Message 1 of 27 , Mar 31, 2004

      Here's a core problem. One dictionary definition of "agile" is
      'Characterized by quickness, lightness, and ease of movement; nimble.'
      Agile is derived from the Latin term agilis, "to drive, to do"

      But in our modern language a 250 LB middle line backer can be "agile" -
      quick on his feet, able to avoid being tackled.

      The issue is that describing the process in the absence of its outcomes
      leads to the semantic problem of self-referencing terms. If we go back
      to the Latin and focus on "doing," as an out come it may isolate the
      agile process description.

      Agile processes focus on the outcomes of "doing the process" rather than
      on the process itself. All the focus these days in our high ceremony
      CMMI world still focuses on the elements of the process and not the
      outcomes. This is what separates agile from ~agile.

      Glen B. Alleman

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      I believe agility is the property of a process which allows us to be
      effective on so many different projects by being able to adapt the
      process differently to each specific project.

      In the Snowbird meeting, we deliberately stayed away from asking that
      processes be maleable, changeable. It was already enough at that time
      that they were able to track changing business needs and changing
      requirements and generally light.

      By now, the idea of tuning the process within a project is becoming
      accepted enough that one can discuss it easily in the context of
      agile processes. But it is not essential to say of any one agile
      method that it be adaptable. It could be fixed and rigorous and have
      a special zone of applicability, and still be agile according to the
      original discussions and most of the ones since then.

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