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XP makes the big time

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  • John V. Levy
    In an article in Business Week, March 1, 2004, pp.94-95, titled, Now More Than Ever, Innovation Is the Answer, Robert D. Hof wrote: First, it s especially
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2004
      In an article in Business Week, March 1, 2004, pp.94-95, titled, "Now More
      Than Ever, Innovation Is the Answer," Robert D. Hof wrote:

      "First, it's especially important that corporations keep innovating in
      software development. One technique that was born in the late 1990's is
      called extreme programming. In this approach, programmers work directly
      with businesspeople, breaking projects into pieces that can be written and
      tested fast. Pairs of programmers literally write code together
      simultaneously -- creating real-time checks and quashing bugs as they go
      along. The technique is not yet widely employed, but it should be. By
      using extreme programming, Nextjet Inc., a transportation-management
      software company in Dallas, was able to cut production time on its projects
      in half. Says Oregon software-development consultant and
      extreme-programming pioneer Kent Beck: 'It's possible to get really good
      results at prices comparable to the outsourcers.'"

      In a sidebar titled, "Keeping the U.S. Software Industry Strong":
      "Improve programming -- A new method of software development called extreme
      programming sets rigorous business goals for projects, devises tests to
      catch bugs faster, and breaks the projects into pieces that can be done
      quickly by small teams. Transportation-software startup Nextjet, in Dallas,
      used the method to cut project production times in half."

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