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Re: [XP] Messaging - Food for Thought

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  • Paul Jenkins
    I think that Microsoft ending OOP is misleading, in that they re talking about messaging between systems running across boundaries, not the way that
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 30, 2004
      I think that "Microsoft ending OOP" is misleading, in that they're talking
      about messaging between systems running across boundaries, not the way that
      applications are wrtten. Don Box has talked about the expense of abstraction
      for a while (see
      and this is just another 'angle' on SOA push.
      (Don's particular SOAP Box...??) :->

      As for xml /taking over/ from .Net, thats not what I've read...


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      Subject: [XP] Messaging - Food for Thought

      > The following is a message published by Jams Foster in
      > in response to Krassimir Angelov's message titled "MS ends OOP". As seen
      > below, Krassimir refers to a web page, which is interesting reading:
      > http://news.com.com/2100-1046_3-5148148.html

      COM, DCOM, CORBA and so forth were never truely
      object oriented. From what I can tell, Microsoft is going
      toward a communication protocol based approach.

      Alan Kay makes some interesting points, but when all is
      said and done, what he's talking about is excessive coupling.
      What we know today is that testable software requires
      minimizing the amount of coupling, and XP forces one
      to have testable software with minimal coupling.

      I doubt if what Microsoft is doing will work any better
      than COM did. That's not Microsoft bashing, it's simply
      recognition that it's an untried approach, and they're
      implementing it before giving it a thorough real world
      workout. Alan Kay's point about Smalltalk evolution
      basically stopping when they released it to the world
      is quite well founded.

      John Roth

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