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Re: [XP] XP and anti-tools

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      From: "Ron Jeffries"
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      Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2003 7:18 AM
      Subject: Re: [XP] XP and anti-tools

      > On Wednesday, October 1, 2003, at 11:36:23 PM, Ken Boucher wrote:
      > > And a lot of the shops that create this software simply don't
      > > understand their customer (oh the irony...) In many cases the
      > > problems theyre trying to solve require light simple solutions, the
      > > kind of solutions the teams can develop themselves and, if they're
      > > truly sucessful, will usually just be released in the wild.
      > Good thoughts on tools, Ken. I bet there are some tools that could have
      > wide value to XP teams, but I'm not at all sure that they would be story
      > management tools, which seems what Brian's guys are sort of working on.
      > If I thought such a tool was useful, I'd have written it about four years
      > ago. What I couldn't do, however, was write such a tool that I would then
      > be willing to recommend to people, because its the human connection
      > customer and programmer that is, to me, so much at the core of XP, and I
      > don't want to push a wedge in there.

      Yes, that's the central issue that many of these people fail to understand.
      Story management tools become much more useful when you move
      beyond that core interaction. There are several that focus on management
      reporting, organizing ancialliary documentation and keeping stakeholders
      that are not centrally involved on a day to day basis informed. I wouldn't
      hesitate to recommend them, as long as they kept out of the way of the
      people actually doing the work.

      The difficulty here is that most of the projects seem to be run by
      programmers without a customer. What a senior manager wants
      when he isn't able to visit the team room on a regular basis isn't
      always aparent to people that have never dealt with senior management
      in any realistic sense.

      John Roth

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      > Ron Jeffries
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