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Re: [XP] XP in product development

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  • neelesh_shastry
    ... Thanks, guys, I think Im getting some clues on how to proceed.We are writing the software for the fun of it,but don t want to hack around. So I guess
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 1, 2003
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      Thanks, guys, I think Im getting some clues on how to proceed.We are
      writing the software for the fun of it,but don't want to hack around.
      So I guess "customer" will be someone among us(putting the Customer's
      hat on), or someone who's interested in using the s/w (have to find one),
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      > Subject: [XP] XP in product development
      > > Hi,
      > > Im new to the group and new to XP. Me and some of my friends are
      > > working on a product, a XML editor.I am reading XP Explained by Kent
      > > Beck, and thinking of doing a pilot with this product. I have some
      > > doubts/issues though,
      > >
      > > 1.People in the team are skeptical about pair programming.I have
      > > quoted from the book and other sites,but still not able to convince
      > > the team.
      > It sometimes takes training to turn on to pair programming. There
      > is an article on the Ron Jeffries XP site called Etudes or something
      > like that - it's a series of very short exercises to warm up to some
      > of the practices, including pair programming.
      > > 2.What is the best way of replacing the Customer ,because we don't
      > > have one.
      > If you don't have a customer, who are you writing the software for?
      > Seriously. Someone has to know what the software is supposed to
      > do. That person is the customer. If that person can't be on site, you
      > need to find a surrogate. In the worst case, that's your project
      > but a business or system analyst is better.
      > > Im sure these issues have been addressed previously in the list, but
      > > couldn't get a pointer.
      > > Could someone help? some pointers to previous discussions,resources?
      > There are a number of web sites on XP and similar topics; the white
      > book is getting kind of dated as your only resource.
      > www.extremeprogramming.org
      > fit.c2.com
      > www.fitnesse.org
      > www.junit.org
      > www.objectmentor.com
      > www.pairprogramming.com
      > www.refactoring.com
      > industrialxp.org
      > www.agiledata.org
      > www.xp123.com
      > www.xprogramming.com
      > www.lean.org
      > These just happen to be a selection of sites from my
      > XP favorites folder. I'm sure there are a number out
      > there that I've missed. I know I'm missing the Poppendieck's
      > site. Enjoy.
      > John Roth
      > > thanks.
      > > neelesh
      > >
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