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Interrupt Handler (was: [XP] Ben juggling cats)

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  • John D. Mitchell
    ... [...] ... (A) Okay, given your and Brad s reaction to gatekeeper, I tested it with various random people (as opposed to other geeks that I ve already
    Message 1 of 25 , Sep 28, 2003
      >>>>> "aacockburn" == aacockburn <acockburn@...> writes:

      > I like your name "Sweeper", it sounds more positive than Sacrificial Lamb
      > --- except part of giving it a negative name is to indicate we don't
      > really consider it a Good Thing to have, whereas Sweeper sounds like a
      > Good Thing to have ---> your opinion on this?

      (A) Okay, given your and Brad's reaction to gatekeeper, I tested it with
      various random people (as opposed to other geeks that I've already tainted
      with my definition :-), and their initial interpretation of the
      connotations of gatekeeper matches yours. So, I'll stop using it. Sorry
      for any confusion.

      (B) After sleeping on it, I stepped back and basically bailed on trying to
      apply a non-computer metaphor. Also, since you're so emphatic about this
      role being internal to a team, it seems that a computer metaphor is
      acceptable. Also, since I don't like the term "Sacrifice" (be it in
      Sacrificial Lamb or SacrificeOnePerson) because of it's negativity and
      implication that it's not necessarily necessary, I tried to come up with
      something more descriptive for the role.

      So, what I've come up with is "Interrupt Handler". It seems to fit all of
      the facets that have been mentioned including having a negative connotation
      (without being completely negative). I tested it with the random folks
      from (A) and they got it that that was a person who dealt with the

      [A couple of those people laughed at the thought of being able to have a
      single person dealing with the interruptions. Though, those people also are
      in jobs that are almost completely interrupt driven. :-)]

      Hope this helps,
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