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Testing tips for JSP? (was OT: RFP on good books for Web Services with Java?)

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  • Paul Michali
    ... I picked up Core servlets and Java ServerPages and have been reading away. As I ve been reading, I m starting to wonder about how unit testing is done.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2003
      Paul Michali wrote:
      > Jeff Grigg wrote:
      >>You should look at
      >>-> Java Server Pages (JSP)
      >>-> servlets
      >>I suggest looking for a good JSP book that encourages you to use a
      >>Model-View-Controller organization with servlets.
      > Thanks. Can you (or anyone) recommend any books that
      > cover these topics well (especially for someone who is
      > experienced in programming, but not it this area)?

      I picked up "Core servlets and Java ServerPages" and have
      been reading away.

      As I've been reading, I'm starting to wonder about
      how unit testing is done. Can anyone provide any
      pointers to books/wikis that I can read about this?

      How does one typically approach these types of
      problems (where there is an HTML piece and a
      JSP piece) "test-first"? Would one mock the
      database and HTML (view) sides to test the JSP?
      How is the HTML tested typically?

      Are there any (free) tools that I should look at to
      make the job easier?

      Any advice would be appreciated; I'm real new to
      this area and there are so many unknowns that I
      don't know where to start!

      PCM @ HOME (Paul Michali)
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