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Re: [XP] Re: Analysing the cost of change.

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      Subject: [XP] Re: Analysing the cost of change.

      > That's actually a very important question. I agree that it is THE
      > assumption that we base things like YAGNI and everything else. The
      > cost of change goes down - linear (or almost linear in my case). The
      > question is how do you measure it other than a poll???

      I've noticed that on a lot of projects. At some point, the cost
      of implementing a change drops radically. For me, it's a
      sense that the code "jells."

      That was long before I ever heard of refactoring, by the way,
      and with old procedural code. However, I've never subscribed
      to the notion of leaving a mess behind that I couldn't understand
      the next morning.

      John Roth
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