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Re: [XP] Velocity and Interdisciplinary Teams

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    ... The purpose of the velocity metric is to let the Onsite Customer schedule enough user stories to fit in one iteration. (We have iterations because the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2003
      Carlos Pravia Jácamo wrote:

      > How can i estimate the current velocity of the team in
      > a particular project if every member have a different
      > velocity and even a different discipline ?

      The purpose of the velocity "metric" is to let the Onsite Customer schedule
      enough user stories to fit in one iteration.

      (We have iterations because the business priority of the user stories, at
      less than 2 week resolution, is meaningless. As engineers, we must do things
      in risk order.)

      If you have all engineers (and graphic designers) in one room, and they
      casually track each other's tasks, then the entire team's velocity is good
      enough. We don't need individual velocities.

      > Is there a different way (or considerations) to teach
      > the Extreme Programming practices to the graphic
      > design team ?

      They should only work on one thing at a time, get the Onsite Customer to
      approve their draft, check in frequently, chronically review their finished
      version, pair to learn advanced techniques, and only commit it if the Onsite
      Customer approves of the finished version.

      And they need support with the topic "three strikes and you automate". You
      might not even notice how often they must violate that.

      For example, they might frequently click on a graphic, read their editors'
      "width height" properties, and then type these back into the computer, in
      HTML inside an IMG tag.

      The more programmers automate these behaviors the better. This automation is
      a trackable work product within the team, but it's not production code, so
      it does not need rigor or relocatibility. And it speeds up the velocity over

      > In general, is it a formal way to determine the
      > velocity of the team where there´s people of different
      > disciplines ?

      For every question about one XP practice, there is a countering practice
      that answers it. Here, the answer is "all engineers, customers & graphic
      designers in one room." They call that "WholeTeam" and "CommonWorkplace".

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