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RE: [XP] Kent Beck on increasing maintenance percentage

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  • Marco Dorantes Martinez
    Kent is, of course, at the best position to answer that, but let me share my understanding. The maintenance phase usually comes when some user start actually
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      Kent is, of course, at the best position to answer that, but let me
      share my understanding. The 'maintenance phase' usually comes when some
      user start actually using the system, when usage starts, then the real
      analysis happens, closed-feedback loops begin when the business people
      actually start thinking about the system and what really need the system
      to do.
      So, the sooner we get to 'maintenance phase', the better.

      Robert C. Martin puts it much better; following is a post from him
      (nov 20,2002, at this very same group):

      "One of the biggest mistake this industry has made is the separation of
      programmers into "developers" and "maintainers". Somehow the industry
      has come to the conclusion that it takes real talent and experience to
      design a system from scratch, but that it requires less talent and
      experience to maintain a system. Actually the reverse is true. It is
      much easier to create a working system from a blank page than it is to
      maintain a system and keep it clean over a long period of time.

      On the other hand, a very good way to learn how to program is to help
      maintain an existing system for awhile. This allows you to read other
      people's code and understand other people's designs.

      The solution, I think, is to get rid of the caste system altogether.
      Every project is *always* in maintenance, from the moment the first line
      of code is written. The project is a project, not a "development"
      project or a "maintenance" project. Programmers are not classified as
      "developers" or "maintainers". They simply work on the project. And
      the group working on the project is a mix of junior and senior people."

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      Kent Beck said that he read that 80% of the cost of an application
      was maintenance, then thought to himself, "How could we increase
      that?" Could anyone tell me where he said that.


      Kiel Hodge
      SelfSo Software

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