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Re: [XP] xp in a non-xp project

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    ... There are a number of solo XP and ExtremeProgrammingForOne pages out there, each written by an eXtremo in this situation. My favorite XP diagram is The
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2003
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      > im curious about something: as a freelance developer you often
      > get into non-xp projects. would it be possible to still use
      > xp tools within it though personaly? the customer role would
      > be pretty easy to find, since well, as a freelancer you actually
      > do have a customer, with requirements and all that..
      > but the team role? =)

      There are a number of "solo XP" and "ExtremeProgrammingForOne" pages out
      there, each written by an eXtremo in this situation.

      My favorite XP diagram is The Loops:


      That represents harvesting feedback, at the level the process generates it,
      and using it to continue the process.

      Without a pair, the innermost loop is you, the tests, and the code.

      The outermost loop, release plan, relies on a non-clue-impaired customer
      willing to control scope in real time:


      So assume you miss all of these things:

      - someone to prioritize features by business value

      - someone to control scope and exclude un-needed
      features, finishing stories early

      - someone to review your code

      - a daily build

      - anyone to continuously integrate with

      All those items represent missing feedback. The best ideal is to find a way
      to simulate each of those things.

      For example, you could ask your domain expert or business analyst or
      customer, "How often would you like to review the features?" If they say,
      "Don't bother me with details, I'm a busy man," they may have experience
      with programmers wasting their time showing them stage-prop demos that do
      nothing. Work on that - tell them you need them to review live features, so
      you can easily exclude false leads they won't need. If they still won't
      review, consider performing the refactor "Replace Customer".

      To get the kind of feedback continuous integration provides develop on
      multiple desktops and a notebook. Ensure the code can refresh and run on any
      of these platforms by clicking one button.


      Finally, Test Driven Development is a methodology unto itself, regardless of
      where your feature list comes from or where your code goes. Get the book and
      learn it. Then, even if your "colleagues" refuse to test or put down their
      precious debugger, test relentlessly. The shop will notice who's producing
      bugs and who is producing rock-solid code.

      -- But all the other programmers were doing it! --
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