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Re: [XP] Pair Honesty [Was: introducing XP during a crisis]

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  • Ryan Ripley
    ... Discussing ... Ah, so you are an attentive partner... ;) Sorry, could not resist the joke... ... done. ... it ... I may not be following you exactly as
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2003
      > For me, I carefully monitor my pair for signs they want to drive.
      > things I'm not doing, too much, is a big sign. They get the keyboard.

      Ah, so you are an attentive partner... ;) Sorry, could not resist the

      > So to take turns making things better, wait until they think they are
      > Then, incrementally, start moving the design towards your own vision. If
      > does get better, it's now better than either of you alone could have made
      > it. This is good, but we got there enforcing strict egolessness.

      I may not be following you exactly as you mean, but isnt this
      counterproductive. I agree that taking turns and trying new things are
      good, however, going in different directions based on who has the keyboard
      as opposed to have a constant dialogue going as you program does not feel
      right to me. I always to try to verbalize what I am thinking when I code
      with a pair. This keeps us thinking on the same page, and provides a
      constant sort of *sanity check*. When differences arise, I really like
      Josh's advice and try to always follow it:

      I rely on discussions, programming experiments and rapid feedback to resolve
      significant arguments. The code speaks - often my own ideas don't look as
      great once I've coded them. But doing the coding gives my pair and me the
      feedback we need.

      You can theorize all you want, but the tests you write will usually sort the
      issue out very quickly. Overall, I think a higher level of collaboration
      and discussion that you can have going, reguardless of who has the keyboard,
      will generally lead to fewer situations of disagreement. And when they do
      arise, use the code to prove your point. The worst that can happen is that
      you learn something. ;)

      > But I don't care if my pair's the one with the tiny fragile ego. It's all
      > good.

      I'm hoping this is *tongue in cheek*. ;)

      take care,

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