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Fear redux redux

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  • Phlip
    Just a quote from elsewhere on the net that reminded me of our fear threads (which need not resume): Here s something I ve been noticing about fear: While
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2003
      Just a quote from elsewhere on the 'net that reminded me of our fear threads
      (which need not resume):

      'Here's something I've been noticing about fear:

      'While it's firmly in place (before it has been questioned) it appears big
      and scary. But once it has been identified for what it really is, it
      suddenly becomes very small and even laughable, which makes releasing it
      almost effortless. It's like being frightened by a big shadow on the wall in
      the shape of some non-descript monster. Doom seems eminent! But then, upon
      closer examination, one can see that the image is being projected by nothing
      more than a hand puppet! Fear is then instantly replaced with mild
      amusement. From that point on, each time that shadow is encountered, the
      initial conditioned reflex of fear occurs less and less until it just fades
      away from lack of interest or attention. It all comes down to simple
      repetition. So in a sense, fear is only a joke where the punch line just
      hasn't been figured out yet! It seems to me that if we could "get" all of
      life's "punch lines", we would readily see just how much FUN we COULD be

      -- Gods bless America --
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